Detroit Zoo Gets Solar Golf Carts

The Detroit Zoological Society continues on the road to “green” by replacing its gas-powered golf carts with solar/electric hybrid carts. The 40 golf carts are used by the Detroit Zoo’s animal, maintenance, landscaping, park safety, education, events, marketing, and public relations staff to transport equipment and people around the 125-acre Zoo. By replacing fossil fuel with solar power, the Zoo is reducing its carbon dioxide emissions from golf carts by an estimated 450 pounds a year.

“By switching to eco-friendly carts, we are saving energy, money and the environment,” said Executive Director Ron Kagan.

The new carts boast a regenerative braking system that allows power to go back into the cart each time the brakes are engaged. The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, reducing the need for standard outlet charging.

The Detroit Zoological Society has an active Green Team that aims to maximize ecological conservation and educate staff and visitors about choices that reduce harmful effects on the environment. The Zoo’s conversion to solar/electric hybrid golf carts is one more component in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Detroit Zoological Society is a non-profit organization that operates the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

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