CSP Focus South Africa 2016

November 23 & 24, 2016 - Johannesburg, South Africa

CSP Focus South Africa 2016

In last 5 years, South Africa listed top of renewable energy investment with $16 billion in total, which indicates the government’s positive attitude towards clean energy transformation after REIPP program was issued. Undoubtedly, it is becoming the hottest area for CSP industry’s development.

Thanks to abundant DNI resources and steady policies, the ideal region for CSP plants’ deployment is prompting its ambition step by step. Initiated in 2011, 4 rounds of bidding have been accomplished and totally 600 MW of 7 CSP plants have been appointed, among which international players are devoting themselves into the desirable market. Being involved in 3 projects, Abengoa, one of the CSP big names, is doing good on 2 of their projects (100 MW Kaxu Solar One and 50 MW Khi Solar One), which are under operation with satisfied performance. Saudi Arabian giant, ACWA’s 50 MW PT project—Bokpoort has set a new record of 161h continuous working around the clock during the first month of its operation, revealing that CSP projects equipped with long duration heat storage could be potential substitutions for coal-fired power stations in the future. Moreover, in cooperation with USA’s leading company SolarReserve, their large molten salt central tower project—RedStone will soon prove the technology’s advantages and feasibility in the country. Besides, other developers like Emvelo, Engie are busy with their own CSP projects, Ilanga I and Kathu Solar Park, with 100 MW respectively. International EPC contractors also believe South Africa is of huge profits, such as SENER, TSK, Acciona… put themselves into the Blue Ocean actively, creating more investment opportunities.

Looking back on last 5 years, it’s clear that CSP tender price is falling gradually, making result of round 4.5 bidding, which started last July, be more attractive. Although there are still some uncertainties regarding the update IRP, or electricity grid’s improvements at Northern Cape, where all CSP projects are deployed so far. However, the large electricity shortfall and government’s attitude could be definitely catalyst on clean energy’s improvement. Once the carbon tax and update IRP (3300 MW CSP projects expected) are approved, there must be another burst for CSP development in the coming years. To grasp the promising business opportunity, we welcome you join in our CSP Focus South Africa 2016 conference on Nov.23-24, enjoying high-level business communication with all industry players globally.

Agenda Highlights

  • CSP’s Future in South Africa
  • CSP Opportunities in Other African Countries
  • REIPPP Program Updates
  • Projects Beyond the REIPPP Program
  • Projects Performance in South Africa
  • Experience from EPC and O&M
  • CSP Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Grid Connection
  • Weak power grid – Obstacles for CSP development in SA?
  • Support from Financial Institutions
  • Legal Issues Need to be Noticed

Why You Cannot Miss

  • Learning about future CSP develoment plan from local government officers helps you discover new business opportunities in South Africa
  • Gaining the freshest experience and projects updates from international developers in the hottest markets
  • Hearing from power transmission company experts to understand grid improvement plan, easing grid blockages
  • Getting familiar with CSP development situation, learning state of art of technology
  • Joining in 200 CSP players from whole industry chain organizations and companies, enjoying high level face-to-face networking and communication
  • Gaining deeper international collaboration opportunities, achieving mutual benefit

CSP Focus South Africa 2016 will give you first-hand insight into key CSP issues:

  • Discovering CSP development roadmap and characteristics, understanding the state of art of CSP development
  • Barriers and solutions in project financing
  • Getting familiar about update IRP news, knowing CSP development plan in the future
  • Latest CSP project performance status and experiences on developing, commissioning
  • Explaining on policies and legal issues which need to be cared by overseas players
  • Understanding how pricing and grid improvements plan help to ease grid blockage