Corporate Renewables 2016

September 26 to 28, 2016 - Washington, DC, USA

Corporate Renewables

Corporate America is Turning to Renewable Energy in a Dramatic Fashion.

Corporations that seek to take advantage of the various opportunities in renewable energy must develop a nuanced understanding of the renewables procurement process. There are a variety of options available to buyers, and the process for acquiring renewables can be complex.

The good news is that Corporate Renewables 2016 is a place where corporate renewable energy buyers can come to stay abreast of the latest market developments, to tap into the experience of their corporate peers, to boost their renewable procurement skills and capabilities and to search for renewables deals.

At Corporate Renewables 2016, corporate renewables buyers, renewable energy suppliers and advisors will gather to engage in a unique, comprehensive examination of the current state of corporate renewable energy procurement.

For attendees looking for an introduction to renewable energy procurement, the workshop Corporate Renewables 101, on Monday, September 26, will provide all the basic information needed to get you up to speed.

Agenda Highlights

  • Corporate Renewables 101
  • Today’s Corporate Renewable Market
  • Key Market Trends in Project Economics and Deal Structures
  • Environmental Benefits and Their Marketing & Reporting
  • The Corporate Renewable Project Landscape 2016 and Beyond
  • Renewable Developers’ Perspectives — Understanding their Needs and Constraints
  • Federal and State Policy Goals for Corporate Renewable Energy Choice
  • Lessons from the Frontline: What Corporates Are Learning About Renewable Procurement
  • Identifying, Assessing and Managing Risks
  • The Accounting Implications of Deal Structures