5th World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015

December 10 & 11, 2015 - San Francisco, California, USA

Over the past 5 years, geothermal installed capacity has grown almost 1,800 MW in just the 15 fastest-growing jurisdictions: Kenya, the United States, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, China, Australia, Romania, and Taiwan.

But the real news here is that, going beyond the surface with an analysis of the growth in worldwide geothermal installed capacity in MWe from 1950 until the 2015 total of 12,635 MW, we are presented with a second exponential growth phase for geothermal installed capacity!

The industry’s renewed vigor here is mainly due to the increase in medium-low temperature development projects through binary plants, in order that the industry may realize all the economically viable projects worldwide.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

93.5% of the current geologic potential remains untapped, and right now nearly 80 countries have projects in the pipeline. If all countries reach their announced geothermal power goals the global industry could reach 27-30 GW by the early 2030s.

Enjoy candid and dynamic discussions with international industry peers on the above issues leading to a stronger role for geothermal in the world’s electricity generation mix at the 5th World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015, bringing the latest financing and technology options to help your team maximize returns from your geothermal investments.

Opportunities at the World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015:

Attend the World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015 and get in the door to geothermal development and construction projects in countries like the USA, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Philippines, Iceland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Djibouti, Bolivia, and others!

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What is different about the WGES is the participation of the entire international commercial ecosystem needed to bring a project from idea to completion and maintenance – including the regulators, the gencos and plant operators, the best technologies, and the funding agencies and development banks who provide the project financing.

By attending, you will enable the industry to:

  • Encourage government policies to ensure that the environmental costs of energy developments are internalized and reflected in their pricing
  • Support policies to minimize legislative and administrative barriers to geothermal development
  • Promote cooperation among governments, funding agencies and developers in disseminating accurate information about the technology, costs and performance of geothermal developments
  • Push for appropriate respect and cooperation with indigenous peoples when developing geothermal features upon and beneath their traditional lands, where such traditional relationships exist, and promote fair negotiation practices
  • Advance research and development into decreasing the cost of geothermal power, and extending geothermal production to lower resource temperatures and across a greater range of geological settings
  • Break down the financial risk barrier that commonly delays drilling on new ‘green field’ geothermal projects, and
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer from geothermally experienced to less experienced countries

Gain insights into:

  • Global geothermal energy policy update and industry outlook
  • Meeting the latest government & environmental policy and compliance requirements to ensure project approvals
  • Case studies of latest technological advances to ensure cost reduction and project success for your geothermal projects
  • Financing geothermal projects with regards to location, market conditions, geological potential, water flows, political environment and developer specifics
  • Capturing accurate geological data in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Investigating best methods, tools and strategy in geothermal exploration drilling
  • Detailed design and construction
  • Optimised operations and maintenance of geothermal power plants

Attendee Profile:

  • Geothermal Project Developers and Operators
  • Finance – VCs, Investment Banks and Investors
  • Government – Federal and Local Municipalities
  • Offtakers – Utilities and Industrial
  • Technical Consultancies
  • EPCs
  • OEMs – Turbines, Tubing, Drilling, Pumps, Heat Exchangers
  • Surface/Subsurface Exploration Technology Providers
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Legal

Top 6 timely action roadmaps you can generate from World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015:

  • Access inside information on government initiatives to promote geothermal energy
  • Gain financing for current and future geothermal projects
  • Understand risks and discover how to mitigate them
  • Harness the drivers for industry growth
  • Discover the latest geothermal technology
  • Updates on global growth areas and partners

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