Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit

February 9 to 11, 2016 - San Diego, California, USA

The annual Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit continues to be the best event for the wind power industry. Offering unique networking opportunities to connect with the entire spectrum of the wind industry, at the highest levels—developers, yieldcos and yield-oriented vehicles, tax equity investors, lenders, private equity funds and other investors, turbine suppliers, PPA offtakers, customer and more—this can’t miss event of the year is the place to build new business connections and strengthen existing partnerships.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

By the time of the 2016 Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit, the question surrounding the PTC extension will hopefully be answered; beyond the PTC, the Summit will focus on the critical issues and opportunities for the wind industry, including:

  • Impacts of the EPA Clean Power Plan on Wind
  • Long-Term Outlook for Natural Gas Prices and Pipeline Development on Wind Power’s Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE)
  • Latest on Yieldcos and Yield-Oriented Vehicles
  • Opportunities and Outlook for M&A
  • The Latest on Merchant Hedging
  • The Outlook for Tax Equity and Debt
  • Looking Beyond the U.S. for Opportunities

Executive Briefings – February 9, 2016

M&A in the Age of Yieldcos and Yield-Oriented Vehicles. Tap into the latest intelligence and insight into the changing market for buying and selling wind power projects in the era of yieldcos and yield-oriented vehicles. Get a penetrating analysis of the drivers shaping the M&A market including who the buyers are, how their stock and portfolio performance will impact acquisition appetite, how yieldcos conduct their due diligence when making M&A decisions, the tax implications of selling to yieldcos, yieldco alternatives and other long-term financing options.

Workshop – February 9, 2016

Wind Project Due Diligence: An In-Depth Look at Technical Risks and Issues that Affect Your Projects. Join independent engineer AWS Truepower and others as they delve into the many technical risks and issues that can impact the performance and ROI of your wind projects, including:

  • How to Assess and Mitigate Key Technical Risks
  • Predicting Energy with Improved Methodologies and from Operational Assessments
  • Handling Turbine Technology Issues
  • Forecasting Long-Term OPEX Costs
  • Moving Past the 20-Year Design Life of Your Projects

Agenda Highlights

  • Trends in the Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Midstream Gas Pipeline Markets
  • The EPA Clean Power Plan, the Clean Energy Incentive Program and Impact on Renewable Generation
  • Panel: Corporate America and Renewable Energy
  • Panel: The Future of Wind
  • Revenue and Risk – PPA Terms and Asset Prices
  • Yieldcos and Yield-Oriented Vehicles
  • Merchant Hedging
  • Wind Asset Management and Operations
  • M&A Opportunities and Outlook for 2016
  • Tax Equity and the Wind Industry
  • Debt Market Outlook 2016
  • Looking Beyond the U.S. for Project Opportunities

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