2nd Wind Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit Canada 2015

December 2 & 3, 2015 - Toronto, Canada

For 7 years WEU has risen to become the global leader in providing highly valuable platforms for O&M focused events. Thanks to our flagships in Dallas and Berlin, We have helped develop thousands of commercially valuable conversations which have changed the face of industry.

Now in our second year in Toronto, The Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit is the industries most anticipated and influential business conference & exhibition in the Canadian Wind O&M Industry.

For this year’s conference, we will be looking to expand on the success of our inaugural event in Toronto where we gathered 100 of the country’s most influential decision makers to debate the industry critical issues which are effecting the Canadian Wind Industry at the moment.

Now in its second year it promises to be the only event you will need to attend in 2015 to do business, get latest updates, and cement your name in the industry & the most comprehensive end of year industry wrap-up.

Revolutionize Your O&M Strategy to reduce costs and drive asset efficiency:

  • MASTER YOUR BLADE MAINTENANCE STRATEGY in all weather conditions – Gain the most cost effective solutions to diagnose the health of your blade to improve asset performance
  • THRIVE IN COLD CLIMATES – Ensure your assets, perform at optimum efficiency in harsh weather conditions by reviewing latest case studies, R&D, and innovative solutions
  • PERFECT YOU’RE O&M STRATEGY – Asses your PW options with all parties to save money on OPEX and Maximize workforce efficiency in house
  • HEED INTERNATIONAL LESSONS LEARNED – Source industry leading business critical intelligence from global operator case studies to insure you implement a low risk O&M Strategy
  • DIGITIZE YOUR ASSETS – Employ the latest tech advances in CMS to monitor failure rates and understand how to best analyze data for improved performance

Top Speakers Include:

  • Chris Shughart – Senior Vice President, Pattern Energy
  • Egon Leonhardsen – CEO, Artic Winds Norway
  • Mike Doherty – Director of Learning and Continual Development, Shermco
  • JJ Davies – O&M Manager, Kruger Energy

Canada is the new frontier in wind operations. Here’s why you need to be there to capitalize on it:

  • In 2015 Canadian renewable energy investment grew by 50% to reach C$7.2 billion – with this volume of capital flowing into the market, all players involved stand to make huge wins so long as they are engaged with the right companies at the right time
  • Over 10,000 MW of wind power is in operation in Canada, 189 wind farms and that number is still growing. 6,000 megawatts of new wind energy capacity will become available in the next five years pushing O&M far higher up the priority list
  • Ontario and Quebec generate more wind energy than the other provinces. Another 4500 megawatts of wind energy is estimated to be produced by these two provinces in the next five years. Come to the load center of operational turbines to carry out essential business
  • By 2025 the potential size of the O&M market is estimated at roughly US$6 billion annually – since 2009 WEU has represented operators that have collectively invested over US$65 billion on O&M expenditure, come and claim your share
  • Over the next few years, many wind farms will come to the end of their warranty period – at this years event you will get expert insight from an operational, OEM, insurance and financial perspective on end of warranty options to guide your strategy

Agenda Highlights

  • Streamlining your O&M Strategy – How can we condense and optimize for the future
  • Panel Discussion – Harnessing the big data revolution
  • Maximize the productivity of your wind farms by only using existing scada data
  • Harness the benefits of a predictive maintenance strategy
  • O&M EU perspective on blade O&M
  • Service provider’s perspective on blade inspections
  • Gearbox failures – Continental overview and analysis
  • Gearbox update – Best practices to enhance performance and extend lifetime
  • Generator failure modes
  • Noise and it’s impact on operating wind facilities
  • Mitigating high wind shear and wind veer failures in operating assets
  • Plugging the skills vortex – What needs to be done and how can we do it?
  • Arctic winds Norway case study
  • Using innovative technologies to improve wind turbine operations – Maximise power generation and reduce environmental problems
  • Ice prevention system – Lessons learned

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