Solar Summit Mexico

January 27 & 28, 2016 - Mexico City, Mexico

Join Greentech Media for the inaugural Solar Summit: Mexico conference.

Through innovative GTM Research presentations, cutting-edge panel discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities, Solar Summit Mexico will provide attendees with the knowledge to capture specific opportunities while appropriately managing regulatory, political, and market risks. Latin America has emerged as the fastest growing market in history, with triple-digit growth underpinned by high power prices, sunny skies, and an increasing need for resource diversification. A breakthrough year in 2014 has helped to cement the region as a key emerging market for leading global companies.

2016 Conference Themes

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.
  • Mexico PV on the Global Stage
  • Large-Scale Solar Development in Mexico
  • Scaling Large Commercial Solar through Self-Supply
  • Bringing Down the Cost of PV
  • Tariffs, Manufacturing, and Distribution Strategies

Agenda Highlights

  • GTM Research Presentation: Future of Mexican Solar
  • Keynote Panel: Mexico PV on the Global Stage
  • Getting Utility-Scale Projects Done in 2016 and Beyond
  • Financiers Perspective: Large-Scale Solar Development in Mexico
  • Bundling and Risk: Scaling Large Commercial and Industrial Solar
  • C&I Solar Market Prospects: What Customers Want
  • GTM Research Presentation: Lessons From the U.S. DG Market
  • Bringing Financing into Distributed Generation
  • The Complex Outlook for Non-Residential Distributed Generation
  • GTM Research Presentation: Global Trends in System Pricing & What to Expect in Mexico
  • Bringing Down the Cost of PV
  • Solar Service Ecosystem: Monitoring, Distribution, Customer Acquisition, Marketing and More
  • Hot Button Supplier Debate: Tariffs, Manufacturing, and Distribution Strategies
  • Top Predictions for the Mexican Solar Market

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