Solar Power International

September 14 to 17, 2015 - Anaheim, California, USA

Solar Power International (SPI) generates success for solar energy professionals and the global solar industry.

SPI is North America’s premier business-to-business event for professionals in solar energy and related fields.

  • More than 15,000 solar energy industry professionals from 75+ countries attend.
  • More than 600 leading manufacturers, service providers, and vendors on the Expo floor.
  • Four days of power-packed ROI that will help you grow, learn, connect, and compete.

SPI brings the full range of industry ideas, experts, professionals, and information together in one comprehensive event that delivers:

  • Peer-led educational programming designed to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and provide solutions for your business.
  • Unique networking opportunities that allow you to solidify your current relationships and build new ones.
  • Connections with industry vendors and professionals from the U.S. and around the world as they showcase their newest products and services.
  • Opportunities to expand in and with the U.S. market.

Special Events at this year’s SPI include the first-ever SOLar 5K! Start SPI in a race with partners, clients, and competitors alike, and start your week with a fun and high-energy event. Whether you run to win or you run for fun, you’ll join your peers in supporting two non-profits that are important for the solar industry. 100% of proceeds from registration and donations will directly benefit the work of The Solar Foundation and GRID Alternatives.

Agenda Highlights

  • PV Standards for Climate-specific Lifetime Assessment: Can We Define a Path to Get There?
  • Advanced PV and the NEC
  • Economics of PV: Making the Financial Case for Commercial & Residential PV
  • PV System Operations and Maintenance
  • Solar Integration Workshop: Distributed Energy Resources and the Grid
  • Solar Heating and Cooling Symposium: Setting Myths Ablaze (Day 1)
  • Quantifying Confidence in PV Systems and Modules: How Close Are We to Doing This in a Low-cost Way?
  • Advances in PV Design and Production
  • Concentrating Solar Power’s Present and Future: A CEO Conversation
  • Connected Home 2.0: Where Solar, Storage, Smart Energy Management, and the Advanced Grid Intersect
  • International Markets: Best Practices from Around the World to Drive the US Market
  • The Energy / Education Nexus: Innovative Approaches to More Schools Going Solar
  • How Concentrating Solar Power’s Flexibility Supports Grid Reliability
  • How Solar is Changing Distribution Planning from Coast to Coast
  • Value Engineering and Efficiency Optimization Designing Systems to Optimize Performance and Costs
  • Community Solar Solutions for Utilities
  • Debt Financing Non Residential Solar Projects
  • Reports from the Field: O&M Challenges from Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Leaders
  • Rethinking Utility Rate Designs for Distributed PV
  • Solar + Storage: The Value of Integrating Storage with Solar
  • Solar Financing Sucks: How Software Makes It Easier, Faster, and More Fun
  • Best Practices in Consumer Solar Contracts
  • Energy Storage and Solar PV Controls Considerations: From Residential to Utility-scale Applications
  • How Do Renewable Technologies Support Grid Integration?
  • Managing the Total Cost And Getting The Most Value Out of Solar Plant Ownership
  • Soft Costs Are Killing Solar Project Economics! and How to Eviscerate Them
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Road to Solar Project Development
  • Washington, D.C. is Affecting Your Business: What You Can Do About It
  • The Link Between Federal Carbon Regulations and State Energy Policy in Emerging Solar Markets
  • Plug and Play PV Electric Energy System Innovation and Demonstration
  • Value-adding Applications of Micro-Inverters and DC/OC Optimizers
  • Competing Approaches to Lower the Cost of Large PV Plants Using “Optimized” Inverters with DC Optimizers
  • Utility Scale Storage: Now, Next Year or Nightmare?
  • An Empirical Analysis of Utility-Scale Solar Project Cost, Performance, and Pricing Trends in the United States
  • Large Scale Solar Deployment: How Large Corporations Are Transforming the Market
  • Long-Duration Energy Storage and PV: Renewable Energy’s BFFs
  • Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems, NEC 690.12: A Quick Look at the What, Why, and How of Rapid Shutdown
  • The Next 60GW of Renewable Capacity: Direct Corporate Demand
  • Economic Analysis of Replacing Diesel Generation with PV and Energy Storage
  • Electric Co-ops and Solar: Survey Results, Modeling Tools and the SUNDA Project
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact in an Off-Grid System: Solar + Sustainable Storage