Solar Finance & Investment USA

October 27 & 28, 2015 - New York, New York, USA

With the ITC scheduled to step down in December 2016, the future of solar is now dependent not on technological advancement, but on creativity and innovation in putting capital to work.

YieldCos, securitization, PACE financing, warehousing are just some of the examples of efforts in this direction. On one side, developers are keen to access new types of investors with lower risk profiles but larger pools of capital. On the other, industry players are seeking to achieve scale in the distributed generation market.

The Solar Finance & Investment Innovations Forum will be a collaborative forum that will uncover what new business models, financial structures, and corporate strategies will allow your company not only to survive consolidation but to thrive in a post ITC world.

The Solar Finance & Investment Forum promises …

  • The right format for senior attendees: You won’t be patronised with technology pitches.
  • No death by powerpoint.
  • You won’t have to spend more than 20 minutes listening without being able to give feedback.
  • You will benefit from immediate feedback from the audience via polls and interactive sessions.
  • We won’t hide the “elephants in the room.” We will delve into what’s not being discussed to ensure a well-rounded agenda which is thought-provoking and realistic.
  • You can shape the content: Want to join the hot seat? Bring it on. Want to feedback into live polls, you can.

Agenda Topics

ITC step down

  • Lobbying updates
  • Strategy to survive consolidation
  • Tax equity in tandem with financial innovation
  • What is the market for10% tax equity


  • Cost of capital with growth factor
  • Impact of storage & asset diversification
  • International YieldCos
  • Analysis different business model
  • Potential for joint YieldCos

Economics of Storage

  • Impact of storage on solar financing
  • Packages for utilities scale, C&I, residential
  • PJM, ERCOT, California, Northeast, Hawaii
  • Revamping project though grid stability

Innovating project finance

  • Green bonds
  • Impact of Liquidity and interest rates
  • Green banks
  • Term B Loans

Distributed Generation

  • Financing the Sweet Spot 1MW to 10MW
  • Business model to achieve scale in residential
  • Securitazation

Financial Innovations

  • PACE financing
  • Warehousing and Credit enhacements
  • Community solar & Crowdfunding

Asset management/O&M

  • Billing, contracts and financial reporting
  • CAPEX/OPEX considerations
  • Cash flow estimations
  • Managing PV data
  • Plant inspections and testing

Secondary market/M&A

  • Ratings and valuations
  • Hybrid refinancing structures
  • Involvement of institutional investors