Solar Finance & Investment

February 1 to 3, 2016 - London, UK

In light of recent government announcements, the landscape for European solar is rapidly changing and two key themes are emerging:

  • The industry needs to make solar work post subsidy with new financing structures and new business models
  • The secondary market is as exciting as it has ever been

This is why we are bringing together:

  • Major European asset holders looking to enlarge their portfolios
  • Banks ready to refinance projects
  • Developers with projects to sell
  • Institutional investors looking how to balance their liabilities and assets with long-term investments

To help you navigate how to take advantage of the opportunities within:

  • European Secondary markets: YieldCos and listed funds, project supply, M&A
  • Refinancing: how to do it best
  • Asset management and best practice O&M
  • Post-subsidy market
  • Tendering and development in Europe

Agenda Highlights

  • Policy update: how do governments envision the future of European solar?
  • Institutional investors: what do they care about and how do you increase their engagement in solar?
  • PV Projects landscape in Europe
  • M&A and consolidation – who is going to buy who?
  • YieldCos and publicly listed funds:
  • Looking at the bigger picture: Crystal ball session
  • Business model as the key to survive post-subsidy
  • Commercial rooftop for large portfolio owners
  • Refinancing: how to do it best
  • Maximising your return through best practice O&M
  • Getting asset management right
  • International opportunities: INDIA the next hot market

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