Seventh International Conference on Climate: Impacts and Responses

April 10 & 11, 2015 - Vancouver, Canada

2015 Special Theme: Whose Climate? Negotiating the Governance of Environmental Change.

It is now widely agreed that one of the principal obstacles to addressing climate change are structures of governance. A consensus is emerging in the form of a scientific analysis. And we have a growing sense of the kinds of technological transition and transformations in social practices that are needed. However, the largest problem is one of political will, particularly in an international regime where governance structures, despite globalization, are very weak. Within the broad range of themes addressed by this knowledge community, our area of special focus in 2015 will be structures of governance to address climate change, from local communities, to the nation state, to the national arena. What ways forward do we have given structural weaknesses in our systems of governance at every level?

The Seventh International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses will create an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of evidence of climate change: its causes, its ecosystemic impacts, and its human impacts. The conference also explores the technological, strategic, and social responses to climate change. Proposals for paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, roundtables or colloquia are invited, addressing the impacts of and responses to climate change through one of the following themes:

  • Scientific Evidence
  • Assessing Impacts in Divergent Ecosystems
  • Human Impacts and Impacts on Humans
  • Technical, Political, and Social Responses
  • 2015 Special Focus: Whose Climate? Negotiating the Governance of Environmental Change

The Climate Change Conference will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field, as well as numerous parallel presentations by researchers and practitioners.

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

The International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses is pleased to partner with The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS). PICS pulls together the intellectual capital of the province into a dynamic knowledge network that integrates multi-disciplinary approaches to climate change. PICS will be sponsoring an evening lecture on 9 April featuring Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In addition, PICS will be giving a colloquium on the morning of the 11th titled “The BC Experience with Climate Change Action.” This colloquium will focus on several facets of the British Columbia experience with climate change action including carbon tax impacts, the carbon neutral government experience, forest adaption planning, liquified natural gas issues, and much more. In addition, PICS have several featured parallel sessions focusing on such issues as health and encouraging behavior changes.

Read The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World from Amazon.