12th Annual Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street

June 24 & 25, 2015 - New York, New York, USA

REFF-Wall Street is the premier renewable energy financing event in the U.S. Attendees of this event include CEOs and other senior company officials, lenders, investors, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists, and other top transactional professionals in renewable energy finance.

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising of over 600 senior decision makers, financiers, and professionals in the renewable energy finance field.

Why Attend REFF-Wall Street?

REFF-Wall Street 2015 is going to focus heavily on the latest financing developments for renewable energy in areas like Securitization, Green Bonds, and Yieldcos. As well as focusing on government policy and the role of the financial community in supporting renewable energy, the event will chart the way forward for the renewable energy financing industry for the years to come. Given the strong innovations that the financial community are showing in the renewable energy space, we expect this to be a very exciting year for the conference.

Market Innovation – With greater penetration of clean energy and maturation of technologies, more innovative financing mechanisms are being added to the clean energy financing toolbox. The past year has seen yieldcos, green bonds, and securitizations as well as billion dollar plus financings. Yet certain obstacles remain — project level financing, efficiency of tax equity, and the ability to extend REITs and MLPs to clean energy. Natural gas prices and lack of clarity in policy are also acting as impediments. Learn what this means for the industry’s cost of capital and optimal financings.

Navigating Policy – Congress is in campaign mode with progress on the extension of PTC and bipartisan energy efficiency bill unlikely until after the November elections. But the EPA has put forward carbon regulations and the states are continuing to deploy innovative mechanisms to spur private capital for clean energy – notably, New York’s Green Bank, California’s cap & trade mechanism, and Hawaii’s GEM program. But these have been hard fought battles and some states are considering rolling back their incentives. Hear how these battles are shaping the clean energy landscape and what’s in store on the state and federal policy horizon.

Disruptive and Convergence – The convergence of information technology with energy technology is empowering consumers and disintermediating traditional players. The combination of advanced technologies with the increasingly compelling value proposition of distributed renewables and competitive utility scale solutions is disrupting everything from traditional utility models to household gadgets to transportation. Find out where the next multi-billion dollar business will come from and who may be left behind.


  • The state of renewable energy capital markets
  • Success in an uncertain policy environment
  • Emerging business models for small scale renewables
  • Sources of capital for renewable energy
  • Renewables and fossil fuels
  • The developers’ perspective
  • The current state of debt
  • Yieldcos and the current state of equity
  • Corporates and big box retailers
  • Crystal ball: the path forward for renewables