Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference

November 5, 2015 - London, UK

After the successful 2014 edition, which was attended by 150+ participants from 20 countries, Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference is back. The annual meeting for project developers, investors, financiers and crowdfunding platforms will take place in London on 5th November 2015, at the Grand Connaught Rooms.

This year, RE Crowdfunding will focus on and provide updates about the developments of this industry as it matures, the legal and regulatory changes around Europe, as well as the lessons that renewable energy crowdfunding platforms can learn through practical case studies, panel discussions and presentations.

Why You Should Attend

  • Attend THE international B2B information and networking platform to completely focus on crowdfunding for renewable energy projects.
  • Learn all about the developments, challenges, regulations, business cases and full potential of crowdfunding as it moves to a phase of maturity.
  • Connect to investors, financiers, law firms and project developers.
  • Meet with experts from the industry, like:
    • Abundance: Inventor of ‘democratic finance’ for renewables according to The Guardian
    • Indiegogo: the largest global crowdfunding & fundraising website online
    • ECN: the European Crowdfunding Network

Programme Highlights

  • From “hype’’ to “here to stay”
  • How does Europe see crowdfunding?
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • How disruptive can crowdfunding get?
  • The importance of transparency in crowdfunding
  • What happens when project owners move towards democratic financing?
  • The potential of crowdfunding for emerging markets
  • Crowdfunding for community projects
  • Presenting the future of RE crowdfunding
  • What can renewable energy crowdfunding learn from Indiegogo?
  • Outlook on the future

With the aim of connecting crowdfunding leaders from the world over, we hope that you will be able to take part in this value-adding conference and we look forward to meet you in London!

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