The 2nd Annual PV Operations & Maintenance USA 2015

October 20 & 21, 2015 - San Francisco, USA

Establish first-class O&M practices to optimise performance, improve reliability and maximise overall ROI.

  • Asset optimisation: Increase your asset revenue through using system, strategic and performance analysis to identify cost-effective optimisation opportunities
  • Improve performance: Maximise your asset’s energy output through intelligent monitoring and data analytics, and the experience of the best-performing operators
  • O&M strategy: Develop a better O&M strategy and make effective budgetary decisions, through understanding the scope of work required and being able to benchmark different O&M providers
  • Troubleshooting: Ensure a rapid return to full production by pre-empting failure and mitigating the impacts
  • Inverters and BOS: Understand your options for maintaining the inverter and BOS post-warranty, to ensure maximum productivity from your system

PV Operations & Maintenance USA 2015 is the ideal forum for intimate networking and interaction with your peers, as well as current and future clients. With 10+ hours of dedicated networking time, alongside interactive sessions such as panels, roundtable discussions and Q&A opportunities, who you will meet is one of the key reasons to attend PV O&M Europe.

Agenda Highlights

  • Panel: What will the O&M Space look like in 5-10 years?
  • Comprehensive solar asset management – the key to maximizing return on investment
  • Solar Optimisation with Smart Solar Technology: Improve Operations and Sustainable Development
  • Performance analysis and optimisation
  • Cost-benefit analytics for asset optimisation
  • Benchmarketing performance and progressive expectations
  • Panel: Driving plant optimisation
  • Analytics and intelligence for performance improvement
  • Using monitoring to optimise performance
  • Mandates and Drivers for control systems
  • New monitoring solutions
  • Resolving emergencies for a rapid return to full production
  • Mitigating problems originating in the installation phase
  • Q&A: Real life O&M issues and how to solve them
  • Fulfilling investor expectations throughout the asset lifetime
  • Necessary maintenance and the essential budgetary requirements
  • “Solar Smoothing”: Integrating Energy Storage
  • O&M as an owner: Establishing the O&M you require
  • NERC Compliance and Regulatory Risk
  • Standardization of O&M Roles and Requirements
  • Insourcing O&M services: establishing a roadmap
  • When inverters come out of warranty
  • Predicting budget for 35 years of operation life
  • Panel: Operational flexibility