Offshore Wind O&M Forum Europe

November 4 & 5, 2015 - London, UK

At Offshore Wind O&M Forum Europe, you will hear from the owners, operators, asset managers and O&M providers of the biggest offshore wind portfolios in Europe. By learning from their expertise and insight, you will be able to create and develop O&M strategies that maximise the performance of your asset, and evolve your offshore O&M techniques for an advanced and cost-effective service provision.

Offshore wind’s leading experts guide you through the creation and implementation of an O&M strategy that uses strong data analysis to improve efficiency, collaboration, access and logistics.

Topics to be discussed at Offshore Wind O&M Europe:

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ASSET: Adequately prepare for bringing O&M capabilities in-house by understanding how a strategy change could affect your on site team’s efficiency, moral and ultimately their ability to increase your farms production and ROI.

IMPROVE ON SITE EFFICIENCY & COLLABORATION: Learn how to successfully collaborate with your OEM’s on site unit to ensure a smooth running O&M team

ADVANCETHE QUALITY OF YOUR SUBSEA INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE: Discuss the latest ways sub-sea inspections are being used so you can benchmark against your own processes & evolve your strategy where possible

OPTIMISE YOUR ACCESS STRATEGY & LOGISTICS: Hear how to improve your OPEX through access strategy to save large sums of money using an OPEX forecast that takes into consideration failure rates & cost implications

ENHANCE O&M THROUGH EFFECTIVE DATA ANALYSIS: Discuss how failure rates, SCADA & CMS can improve the operational performance of your turbines, major components & elements of your BoP to see cost benefits of in-depth data analysis

SUCCESSFULLY MONITOR & MAINTAIN YOUR BLADES: Understand where we’re about to see major cost increases for monitoring & maintaining blades & hear what operators are doing to counter-act this by going in-depth on 7-9yr old farms for a view of how to avoid this before it happens to you

STRENGTHEN YOUR O&M STRATEGY FROM AN OFTO PERSPECTIVE: Hear different owner-operator viewpoints on the varying experiences between being the farm owner and OFTO for lessons learned from both sides


  • Taking control of your assets – How does moving O&M in-house affects your strategy?
  • Presentation from Statkraft followed by presentation and roundtables from DWPA: Improving efficiency in your onsite teams
  • Encouraging successful onsite collaboration between your OEM & in-house teams
  • Can fully wrapped general management contracts optimise logistics, reduce risk and reduce OPEX?
  • Combining asset integrity and commercial asset management
  • Panel: Operator vessel sharing – What are the benefits
  • Optimising your fleet combination – What is the best strategy for your project
  • How stationing your teams offshore could change your work
  • Helicopters – When is the right time to include them and what are the restrictions?
  • Panel: How are logistics solutions being optimised by suppliers?
  • Owner-operator Case Study: Benchmarking data for offshore wind
  • Panel discussion: How data analysis can improve the O&M of your turbines and Balance of Plant (BoP)?
  • Case Study: Siemens Model based diagnostics (MBD) – Understanding & analysing the benefits
  • Analysing & understanding potential production & commercial losses
  • Panel discussion: Electrical component failures – Where are you really losing money
  • Blade maintenance – Are we about to see a drastic cost increase?
  • How can the successful O&M of cables positively impact your OPEX
  • Optimising your sub-sea inspections for O&M
  • Strengthening your O&M Strategy with the OFTOs in mind