Ocean Energy Europe 2015

October 20 & 21, 2015 - Dublin, Ireland

With the support of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, the industry converges on Dublin in October 2015 for the year’s most important ocean renewable energy event.

With the most European Ministers, the most EC representatives, the biggest exhibition and the highest number of delegates, Ocean Energy Europe 2015 will be the biggest event taking place on ocean energy this year. Meet everyone you need to meet in one room, generate business and build partnerships which span the European Union and beyond.

Since the launch of the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) in 2014, the Republic of Ireland has emerged as a key global player in ocean renewable energy. To highlight this, Ocean Energy Europe will take place in Dublin this year, following other important innovation hubs Paris (2014) and Edinburgh (2013).


Flagship Projects: Maintaining Momentum in Europe – The sector’s momentum towards commercialisation continues to build as it finds creative solutions to the financial and technological hurdles it faces. In this session, the sector’s flagship project developers discuss their successes to date and their strategy for maintaining momentum along the commercialisation pathway.

Export Markets – Doing Business in… European technologies are clear world leaders in the race to commercialise ocean energy, yet some of the most lucrative resources and markets will be further afield. So, what is the business environment like in South America? What is the labour market like in North America? And what are the public support options in South East Asia? This session takes a closer look.

High Level Ministerial Summit – All emerging industries require strong political support to get off the ground – the ocean energy industry will be no different. Decision makers must provide stable and consistent support to secure the economic rewards that come to first movers. In this session, European energy ministers outline their strategy and vision for commercialising the ocean energy industry and how that strategy ties in with that of their European partners.

Array enabling technologies – Deploying arrays and achieving scale will kick-starting virtuous circles of cost reduction, access to finance and project pipelines. This session looks at some of the technologies which will be central to risk reduction and, ultimately, LCOE reductions in ocean energy projects.

Wave Energy – A robust development strategy – After a difficult end to last year, 2015 has seen the wave energy industry rethink, regroup and advance. This session reflects on the wave sectors major achievements, the political initiatives which are driving them, and looks forward to the major projects which lie on the horizon from some of its biggest players.

Creative Private Financing: Paths towards financial close – In the short term, the ocean energy sector must continue to find creative paths to financial close, to mitigate the classic chicken-and-egg dilemma. This session will explore the private financing sources on offer for developing commercial ocean power projects: from debt, equity, guarantees, IPOs, EFSI and public financing.

Combining Public Funding on different parts of projects – The speakers will go through different public sources for financing the industry, such as Member States’ support schemes, HORIZON 2020 or NER300. The session will also explore the Investment Plan for Europe and the state-aid guidelines.

Small is Beautiful: The route to market for smaller devices – While a good deal of attention is often placed on ~1MW devices in both wave and tidal energy, the case for starting small and achieving high production volumes earlier in the development cycle is growing more and more robust strong. This session explores the business case for smaller wave and tidal energy convertor and asks: is this the better route to market?