5th Mozambique Power & Electricity Conference & Exhibition

April 27 & 28, 2016 - Maputo, Republic of Mozambique

The fifth bi-annual international strategic conference on Mozambique mining, Oil & Gas, and energy sector (MMEC) will take place in Maputo on the 27th-28th April, Republic of Mozambique at the Joaquim Chissano conference centre, with an audience of over 600 attendees, featuring policy makers, investors, and experts, MMEC is the key meeting for those involved in Mozambique’s Mining, Oil & Gas and Power Generation sectors.

The MMEC 2016 program will give you the opportunity to your conference experience with three focused conference streams covering Mining, Oil & Gas, and Energy.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

More than a conference, 5th Mozambique Power & Electricity Conference & Exhibition hosts the largest and most successful industry exhibition in Mozambique allowing you to present your solutions to the key decision makers in Mozambique. MMEC gathers the most influential stakeholders – financiers, investors, national and international operators, government officials, etc – in Mozambique’s Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Attending MMEC will grant you access to the most influential people active in today’s Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy in Mozambique and, combined with the knowledge presented in the focused conference stream, makes MMEC an important step in establishing your investment strategy for Mozambique for the next two years.

With an estimated 2000 visitors in the previous edition, do not miss your opportunity to reserve your space today! Click here to request the latest floor plan!

The time is ripe for investment in Mozambique’s power sector, to provide for both domestic consumption and the region. Mozambique is heavily reliant on hydropower, the supply of which is negatively affected by climate change. Attend the energy stream to explore the avenues to achieving Mozambique’s full power potential and enabling the country’s transformation into a major regional power exporter.

Proposed topics:

  • Updates from EDM on power sector developments & investment opportunities
  • IPPs role in Mozambique generation: success stories
  • PPPs for mega projects
  • Regulatory updates & incentives
  • Clean & Green: policies streamlining investment in resources & power
  • Regional partnerships: Mozambique role
  • financing power projects in Mozambique: what re the bottlenecks to be resolved?

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