Moscow International Ecological Fair

November 9 to 11, 2015 - Moscow, Russia

The Moscow International Ecological Fair is a complex event that reflects development trends and implementation of environmental technologies in key industries: oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical, mining, energy, nuclear energy, mechanical engineering, and industrial construction.

The Goal Of The Fair

  • Demonstration of environmental equipment, materials and environmental technologies
  • Establishing and strengthening business ties between manufacturers of equipment, materials, and technologies that reduce the negative impact on the environment, industrial, construction, and FEC enterprises
  • Professional discussion of scientists, experts, industry professionals enterprises, representatives of state legislative and executive government, issues legislation, regulation and implementation of government programs reducing negative impacts on the environment


  • Increasing the effectiveness of participation by combining on the same site of three industry events
  • Interbranch synergies
  • The long-term business platform for making management decisions
  • Exchange of practical experience between different sectors in the implementation and use of technology and equipment to reduce the negative impact on the environment in industry and energy, energy-saving technologies, and alternative energy sources

This year the Fair includes three branch conferences and exhibitions on its platform:

  • International Exhibition and Conference MIEF-2015: Industrial Ecology
  • VIII International Exhibition and Conference AtomEcо-2015: Atomic Ecology
  • IV International Exhibition and Conference NewGen-2015: Innovations in Energy Industry

NEWGEN – Innovation In Energy

IV International Exhibition – Conference NewGen – is an innovative platform for technologies and equipment for optimized energy consumption in industrial plants.

Since 2011, the NewGen exhibition and conference has established itself as an effective business platform that reflects the innovative energy development complex, the experience in the introduction of new solutions for energy companies.

NEWGEN will focus on implementation of information and practical discussions, presentation of scientific and technological achievements in the development of innovative projects in the energy sector in order to exchange experience between Russian and foreign experts, receive state support and development.

  • Renewable Energy
    • Innovative equipment, materials and technologies for solar power plants
    • Innovative equipment, materials and technologies for wind power
    • Geothermal heat pumps
    • Micro and mini hydropower plants
    • Bioenergy and peat industry
  • Independent Energy Sources
    • Boilers, cogeneration plants
  • Energy Efficiency And Resource Conservation In Industrial Power Plants
    • Energy-saving equipment and technology
    • Equipment and materials for energy saving
    • Energy management. Energy audit
    • The use of secondary energy resources
    • Automation of production and distribution of electricity and heat
    • Research and development in the field of energy saving
    • Information support activities for energy conservation
  • New Competencies – New Energy
    • State policy to stimulate the development of innovative energy in Russia and in the world

Why Participate?

  • A unique opportunity to expand the base of potential customers, find new markets, share the experiences with colleagues from other industries
  • Professional visitors – the ability to conduct effective negotiations with representatives of leading companies and sign contracts for the supply of products and services, showcase their products and services to interested professionals and representatives of public authorities
  • Complete interbranch activities covering a wide range of issues of industrial ecology and the environment – market research and new information
  • The ability to strengthen your image and establish yourself in the professional community