Morocco Solar, Wind & Hydro Projects 2016

April 4 & 5, 2016 - Rabat, Morocco

As stated by Law No. 13-09, the Kingdom of Morocco seeks to achieve 42% of its total generated electricity capacity from renewable energy sources by 2020, with solar energy, wind energy and hydropower each representing 14%. Over the next four years, Morocco’s Ministry of Energy will work towards meeting the government target of 6,000MW of electricity generated by renewable energy, with the expected projects in the pipeline valued at US$13 billion.

Morocco’s booming renewable energy market represents an unprecedented opportunity for business in the MENA region and an appealing market for foreign investors. In the light of a strong dependency of fossil fuels, Morocco is doing what is necessary to attract investors and contractors to realize this challenging program of renewable energy in addition to its efficiency improvement targets.

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Morocco Solar, Wind & Hydro Projects 2016 will bring Morocco’s government representatives, international developers, contractors, financiers and other industry stakeholders to discuss the requirements and strategies for the successful financing, designing and constructing solar plants in the country under its renewable energy agenda. By bringing all decision-makers and stakeholders in Rabat, Morocco Solar, Wind & Hydro Projects 2016 will be an opportunity not to miss!

Top Reasons To Attend

  • NETWORK with key officials and peers and understand the requirements of current and upcoming projects in Morocco
  • DISCOVER new opportunities and determine where your services and solutions could be utilized
  • LEARN about the latest developments and explore current trends informing the solar, wind and hydro industry in Morocco
  • GAIN competitive advantage and understand how to position your organization to take advantage of ongoing opportunities
  • PARTICIPATE in discussions on the advancements of solar, wind and hydro solutions and technologies

Excellent Opportunities for the solar, wind & hydro technology industry:

  • Over the next four years, Morocco’s Ministry of Energy will work towards meeting the government target of 6,000MW of electricity generated by renewable energy, with the expected projects in the pipeline valued at US$13billion.
  • Total investment in solar energy projects is estimated at US$9 billion, with four upcoming concentrated solar power stations to be constructed as public-private ownership. A total of 400MW photovoltaic capacity (10 to 30MW each) is under construction or planned, and another 2,000MW of solar energy projects are expected by 2020, which includes US$159 million Noor-Ouarzazate concentrated solar power development project.
  • Morocco’s onshore wind potential is estimated at 25,000MW. The current wind capacity is 480MW and 300MW is about to be completed and another 150MW to be awarded. The private sector is constructing 120MW near Tangir. To reach the target of 2000MW by 2020, the authority is studying offers for 850MW now.
  • Morocco’s current installed hydroelectric power capacity is 1,700MW, including a 464MW pumped storage generating capacity. Two plants of 175MW and 350MW are expected to be constructed in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Morocco has also licensed 75MW of small micro-hydro plants to the private sector.
  • Morocco, in particular, was highlighted by the United Nations in September 2012 as having a particular potential for micro- and mini-hydropower plants. In 2010, the total installed small hydropower capacity in Morocco was 0.633 MW spread over 10 plants, with many of them needing renovation. Furthermore, ONE identified some 200 sites which could make an improved contribution to the energy needs of isolated areas. However, in quantitative terms, the total small hydropower potential of 18 MW means that its input in the energy balance will remain limited.

Agenda Highlights

The program will address themes including the following:

  • Understand the current status of solar, wind & hydro projects in Morocco, emphasizing strengths and benefits.
  • Discuss future plans, regulatory updates procurement models and construction strategies to deliver solar and wind projects.
  • Explore different solar, wind & hydro solutions in order to implement renewable energy production in Morocco.
  • Showcase the latest advancements in solar and wind technologies.
  • Understand global standards and current trends within the industry.

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