HydroVision International

July 14 to 17, 2015 - Portland, Oregon, USA

HydroVision International offers a gamut of networking opportunities that offer attendees a chance to build alliances among hydro professionals, share knowledge and expertise toward effective solutions and see the most comprehensive collection of hydro-related products and services in the industry. Participate in over 70 conference sessions featuring more than 400 speakers. All full conference delegates will also earn 15 Professional Development Hours.

Track A: Asset Management – In this track, seasoned managers share lessons learned and new insights to arrive at sound, profitable solutions to asset management challenges.

Track B: Civil Works And Dam Safety
 – Attendees learn from dam owners, managers, and regulators about products, programs, and approaches in use today.

Track C: Marine And Hydrokinetic Energy – This track brings attendees up-to-date on the status of development in this emerging market.

Track D: New Development – This track examines the major forces that are moving new hydro forward and explore solutions to the challenges faced along the way.

Track E: Operations And Maintenance – In this track, hydropower’s most innovative and progressive O&M managers share their approaches to cutting costs, improving equipment longevity and performance, and increasing worker safety.

Track F: Policies And Regulations – Experts share their perspectives on policy and regulatory initiatives in their regions. Attendees learn implications, licensing requirements, and strategies to help them navigate the licensing process quickly and efficiently.

Track G: Water Resources – Experts provide solutions to challenges and share insights about water resource negotiations, the impact of climate change, and new tools for reservoir management.

Tracks H-K: Technical Papers – For technical professionals in the hydropower field, the ideas, innovations, and practices encountered in these technical sessions stimulate critical thinking and help attendees bring about similar improvements in their areas of interest.

In addition to 49 panel presentation sessions, HydroVision International’s conference will offer 21 technical paper sessions on a variety of technical topics relevant to the hydroelectric power industry. These sessions are chosen by the technical papers committee from among hundreds of abstracts submitted.

Three poster gallery presentations, one each day of the conference, offer HydroVision International attendees the opportunity to learn about a concept in a small group or one-on-one discussion. Poster presenters are on hand the first conference session time period of each day to answer questions. Individuals who make poster gallery presentations are also selected by the technical papers committee from among the hundreds of abstracts submitted.

Prior to the start of HydroVision International, choose from a variety of hydro plant technical tours, workshops and seminars, and hydro organization meetings taking place on Monday, July 13 and Tuesday, July 14.

Seminars, Workshops And Briefings – Gain an in-depth knowledge and expand your mastery of the hydropower industry while networking with the experts. Workshop topics range from hydro basics to important design features of hydrogenerator rotor and stator windings. The wide array of workshops offer something for every type of HydroVision International attendee.

Waterpower Hydro Basics Course – Who Should Attend: Individuals new to hydro, both new hires and experienced professionals moving into hydro or those who want to expand their areas of expertise. Here’s everything you need to know to get started in hydro … and a perfect refresher course for veterans! This intensive, highly practical training is designed to help persons new to hydro be more productive more quickly and to help persons with limited hydro experience expand their knowledge. Highly qualified faculty representing consulting companies, utilities, federal power producers, and regulatory agencies present interesting, insightful lectures on:

  • Hydro Overview
  • Harnessing the Water
  • Equipment Basics
  • Hydro in a Power System
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Hydropower and Natural Resource Stewardship
  • How Projects are Regulated
  • Communicating Hydro’s Value

Technical Tours – Hydropower is an important resource for the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. This generating technology provides more than half of all the electricity consumed in the region each year. Enhance your experience at HydroVision International by adding one or more hydro technical tours to your registration! There is a tour available for each level and type of hydro professional.

Hydrovision International Annual Golf Tournament – While at HydroVision International have some fun and play golf with your colleagues and clients. This is a great opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere.

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