HydroTech Georgia

November 5 & 6, 2015 - Tbilisi, Georgia

As one of the world’s top five countries in per-capita water resources, Georgia is blessed with countless waterways of myriad sizes and types. Yet only 18% of waterways harbouring high electrical-generating capacity have been developed, leaving most of this abundance untapped. Hundreds of Georgia’s 26,000 rivers – with a greenfield-site hydropower plant (HPP) potential of 20 TWh – remain undeveloped.

Traditionally, Georgians have been aware of this rich natural capital – hydrological data have been researched and measured for decades, and provide a unique and reliable basis for planning certainty in the hydropower sector.

The share of hydropower in Georgia’s total electricity generation has been steadily rising in recent years (from 85% in 2004 to 92% in 2011). Since 2006, electricity production from hydropower plants has increased by almost 40%, while thermal power plant production has decreased by 55%. The goal of the Georgian Government in the coming years is to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable resources. To achieve this target, projects are currently underway to construct an additional 40 HPPs designed to deliver a total installed capacity equivalent of 1,878 MW and annually generate 7423gWh.

Conference Main Topics

HydroTech Georgia will cover:

  • Georgia government support and its further plans for the future development of hydro energy in the country
  • Georgian energy independence
  • International energy trade options
  • Project development options across the country – large, medium and small hydro
  • Hydro technologies
  • Hydro project financing options
  • Legal aspects of developing hydro energy projects in Georgia
  • Hydro projects development sustainability, including finance and environmental aspects

Who Will Attend

  • Governments, Trade Missions and Embassies’ Representatives
  • CEOs, Directors, MDs, GMs From Energy Providers, Traders And Distributors
  • Chief Financial Officers From Energy Companies
  • EPCs and developers
  • Hydro turbine manufacturers
  • Energy Supply Chain Managers
  • Heads of Finance
  • Energy Engineering, Process And Technology Providers
  • Energy Project Management Specialists
  • Specialist Energy Industry Advisors, Analysts And Consultants
  • Hydro energy storage experts
  • Energy lawyers and risk managers
  • Energy economists

Why Attend

  • A fully packed programme of high profile speakers
  • Excellent networking with the who’s who of the regional and international hydro energy industry
  • Technology update in the exhibition area
  • Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable hydro energy projects with case studies
  • Learn about local hydro energy development and profitability
  • Hear from and meet in person over 100 top hydro energy experts