HANNOVER MESSE 2015: Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries

April 13 to 17, 2015 - Hannover

The Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries is Europe’s largest and most important H2+FC+BAT exhibition dating back to 1995. This 5 000 m² large exhibition area is located in the Energy trade fair of HANNOVER MESSE and thus puts its participants at the center of the world’s largest event for industrial technology. Discover the many advantages this international platform has to offer!

Benefits of Attending

150 exhibitors from 25 countries – International corporations, SMEs and research institutions showcase the full spectrum of hydrogen and fuel cell-related technology and batteries: stationary, mobile and portable fuel cells, components, fuel cell applications, test systems, hydrogen production, transport, storage and infrastructure, reformers and more.

Essential business connections – Founded by Arno A. Evers in 1995, this 20-year-old business platform is the primary location for finding top manufacturers, distributors, consultants, developers and suppliers. The worldwide leaders in the fields of materials, components, infrastructure, testing and research come to Hanover. High-ranking politicians and investors also frequent this reputed expo every year.

Networking, networking, networking – Profit from four networking evenings together with hundreds of H2+FC+BAT representatives. After the daily business rush, get to know your fellow exhibitors better over a charming dinner at the center of the Group Exhibit.

One-on-one opportunities – Meet personally with your customers and guests in our comfortable lounge areas and meeting rooms. Food and beverages are included!

Extensive promotion – Reap the benefits of double promotion through the HANNOVER MESSE and the Group Exhibit H2+FC+BAT. Exhibition topics will include:

  • Hydrogen generation
  • Hydrogen storage and transport
  • Fuel cell systems and applications:
  • Stationary, automotive, mobile, special markets
  • Components and supplying technology
  • Fuel cell and battery testing
  • Stationary batteries

World’s leading technology event – Ideally located in the giant Energy sector of HANNOVER MESSE 2015: Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries exhibitors profit from multiple interrelated energy industries. Around 200,000 visitors from around the globe attend HANNOVER MESSE each year. Use this platform to make new contacts outside your normal line of work and discover the potential for business growth. This impressive 200,000 m² expo with over 5,000 exhibitors is the ideal place to obtain the latest industrial know-how.

Forum presentations – Attract interested visitors and potential customers through a 20-minute interview or technical presentation at the Public or Technical Forums. Forum topics will include:

  • Celerity, the new fuel cell system for heavy duty applications
  • Residential fuel cells: Ready for market?
  • World’s first PEM megawatt electrolyzer global energy storage
  • HYPOS – Eastern Germany to revolutionize the hydrogen industry
  • Business development opportunities for hydrogen and fuel cell companies in Connecticut
  • Hydrogen as part of the renewable energy economy
  • MW stacks in PEM electrolysis, why size matters in H2 generation
  • NiMH batteries for industrial applications
  • Preparing the electricity market for integrating large quantities of renewable power
  • Progress in H2 infrastructure
  • Cost effective production of catalyst coated membranes utilizing ultrasonic nozzles
  • Gas processors for PEM-FC and SOFC
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell projects in Hessia
  • Hydrogen – the basis for emission-free mobility
  • Statistics and forecasts by the VDMA for the German fuel cell industry
  • Decentralized CHP solutions with large scale fuel cell power plants for utilities and distribution grids
  • Large scale electrolysis – for the industry and energy sector
  • Commercialising stationary fuel cells in Europe: A study by the FCH JU
  • mCHP Fuel Cells: Roadmap for market launch
  • Integrated engineering approach –
  • Hydrogen production & fuel cell power plants
  • Commercialization of the eneramic generator technology
  • Ceramic MaxPhase coatings for ramping metal bipolar plate production
  • Hydrogen fuelling infrastructure and technologies
  • Metallic bipolar plates on industrial scale become reality
  • Development potentials of electrolysis and their role for the future energy system
  • Test systems for analysis of air supply systems in fuel cells in automotive use
  • Compressing hydrogen without any moving parts – thermal metal hydride H2 compressor
  • Powermanagement of fuel cells and electrolyzers in hybrid applications
  • Hydrogen in a sustainable energy system – a combination of storage medium and fuel
  • Advancements in PEM electrolysis & the realization of MW scale
  • Hydrolysis as a hydrogen source for H2-on-demand solutions
  • Membranes for water electrolysis and for flow batteries
  • Fuel flexible reformers for stack integrated systems and H2/syngas generation
  • Testing and standardized test procedures for SOFC, SOEC and PEM
  • Hydrogen gas purifiers for fuel cells
  • New class of methanol fuel cell for low-cost power and heat generation