The Energy Summit 2015

November 4 & 5, 2015 - London, UK

The Energy Summit 2015 will bring together senior representatives from the supermajors, the smaller independents and national oil companies with executives in the power, utility and renewable sectors; together with policy makers, economists and academics to discuss and debate the future of the energy business and provide some clarity on what it will look like 15 years from now.

There is little doubt that fast-changing energy supply and demand trends and the recent fall in energy prices are altering the landscape for the energy business as we know it today: even with the expectation that oil prices will eventually rise to some extent from current lows. Indeed commodities such as oil always go through cycles, but the dramatic fall in the oil price since last year has prompted a frenzy of speculation about what it all means for the global energy future.

Couple this with the forthcoming climate change conference in Paris in November this year and it is evident that whatever the future holds, the energy industry is likely to look very different by 2030.

  • What are the drivers for energy demand and supply going into the future?
  • How much investment is needed to meet this demand, and where should it be directed?
  • What will be the implications of COP 21 for the energy business?
  • What is the future for unconventional oil and gas?
  • What role will OPEC play in 2030?
  • How will energy policy evolve at a global, regional as well as a national level?
  • Where will oil and gas fit in to a low-carbon future and how quickly will the use of renewables grow?
  • What technological changes will we see over the next 15 years and how will these impact the energy landscape?
  • How do we develop an energy system that cuts the use of emissions while providing affordable and available energy for all?


  • About Opening scene setter: The new realities of the energy industry
  • Policy panel: The politics of the energy business
  • Interview: EU policy one year on
  • High-level panel discussion: A view from the top
  • Interview: Strategic management and looking to the future
  • Panel discussion: The rise of renewables?
  • About One-on-one: A spotlight on India
  • In conversation: Integrating renewables
  • Panel discussion: The future for unconventionals
  • Keynote address: A fireside chat – OPEC and its next 15 years
  • Panel discussion: The implications of COP 21
  • Panel discussion: Europe’s low-carbon future
  • Panel discussion: The role of technology in the energy business of the future
  • Interview: The geopolitics of energy in 2030


  • Philippe Boisseau – President of Marketing and Services and President of New Energies, Total
  • Francis Egan – Chief Executive Officer, Cuadrilla Resources
  • David Eyton – Head of Technology, BP
  • Vidar Helgesen – Minister of EEA and EU Affairs and Chief of Staff at the Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Norway
  • Mark Kenber – Chief Executive Officer, The Climate Group
  • Jean-Bernard Lévy – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EDF Group
  • Edward Lucas – Energy Editor, The Economist
  • Dominique Ristori – Director General for Energy, The European Commission
  • Eldar Saetre – President and Chief Executive Officer, Statoil
  • Ian Taylor – President and Chief Executive Officer, Vitol