Energy Storage World Forum

September 14 to 18, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Join the Energy Storage Conference with a community of over 6900 professionals worldwide. Over 2000 delegates (in total) and a total of 340 speakers, including more than 80 different utilities/TSOs/DSOs/DNOs from 28 countries attended our past 7 Energy Storage World Forums.

Program Highlights

  • How To Engage Prosumers In Managing Self-Consumption And Avoiding Costly Grid Upgrades And Investments
  • Examining ROI Of Storage By Examining Results From Residential PV Application With Li-Ion Batteries
  • Evaluating What The Australian Energy Market Operator Can Do To Enable Technological Innovation In The National Electricity Market
  • To What Extent Can Battery Storage Be Used To Reduce Residential Peak Demand?
  • Examining Alternative Tariff Structures For Residential Energy Storage
  • Predicting The Most Efficient Ownership Model For Residential Energy Storage
  • How To Adapt Distribution Grids As The Number Of Prosumers Increases
  • How Can Energy Storage Best Help The Grid: Customer-Owned Vs Utility-Owned? – Lessons Learnt From California
  • Deciding How To Build And Manage Energy Storage In A Building And Create Value For The Owner
  • To Diesel Or Not To Diesel? The Business Case For Self-Consumption Without Diesel
  • How To Achieve Data Privacy Whilst Integrating “Internet Of Energy” Applications To Enable New Business Models For Residential Energy Storage
  • Examining New Business Models With Local Network Charges and Virtual Net Metering
  • Identifying The Key Opportunities For Energy Storage As An Enabler To Renewable Energy
  • Evaluating Energy Storage Services For Short And Long Term Applications For A Distributor & Retailer
  • Investigating Operation And Long Term Performance Of Energy Storage Technologies At The Transmission Level
  • To What Extent Is Energy Storage Competitive With Other Non Storage Options?
  • Evaluating Applications, Markets And Drivers For Energy Storage
  • Can A Solar/Wind Developer Make More Profit By Adding Storage To Their Site?
  • Examining Absorption Capabilities Of Grids Via Storage In Order To Achieve Grid Stability With A Higher Share Of Renewables
  • How To Achieve Effective And Remote Maintenance Of Isolated Micro Grids With Energy Storage
  • Identifying The Energy Storage Services Most Economically Viable In The Short Term And Predicting How They Can Generate Revenue In The Long Term 2015-2025
  • Overcoming The Challenges Of Planning And Deploying a Multi-Megawatt Battery Storage System And Offering Balancing Services
  • Examining The Results From The 6 MV Smarter Network Storage Project
  • Evaluating The Results Of A 1MW Solar PV Plant with 100kW Storage And Examining The Storage ROI In Swaziland
  • Managing Peak Demand, Voltage Imbalance And Power Factor Correction At Network Level
  • Selecting, Valuing And Achieving Optimum Site Determination In Energy Storage
  • Comparing Hydrogen Technologies To Achieve High Density Energy Storage
  • How To Create A Combination Of Services With Energy Storage To Achieve Cost Effectiveness
  • Creating A Common Framework To Evaluate The Whole Energy Storage System Performance – AS4777/4755
  • Separating Energy Market Arbitrage And Efficient Network Capacity Utilisation
  • Examining Results From Solar And Battery Storage Of 1000 Telecom Towers In India
  • Who Will Own And Manage The New Business Models Derived From Residential Energy Storage?
  • Evaluating Performance Of A Solar-Diesel-Battery Microgrid System In A Remote Uranium Mine