Energy Efficiency & Renewables – Smart Cities

March 11 to 13, 2015 - Sofia, Bulgaria

During the past decade an essential progress in South-East Europe has been observed. However, it still faces many challenges related to the resource efficiency, high energy intensity, energy independence and security, CO2 emissions. These issues are influenced by the choice of technologies, policy, consumption and production models.

Taking the key role of the sustainable development into account, the 11th South-East European Forum and Exhibitions on Energy Efficiency & Renewables – Smart Cities will facilitate the technology and knowledge transfer to the Region, as well as the dialogue between all value chain players. The Exhibitions are an interaction hub for new product exposure and establishing company alliances to generate joint business projects. Funding mechanisms and good examples will be among the highlights in the Conference program in which keynote speakers from European institutions and organizations will take part.

The EU is preparing to adopt the targets for the period up to 2030 – reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, increasing the share of renewable energy to at least 27%, continued improvements in energy efficiency. Through integrated solutions, decision-makers are ‘smartening up’ the European cities and the accent is put on mobility, urban environment, information and communication technologies.

The opportunities and perspectives of the SE European market.

The Region has a great potential for a diversification of energy mix by utilization of renewable energy sources. The CO2 reduction in transport sector is the other priority issue and replacement of the fossil fuels with alternative low-carbon fuels is sought. In terms of e-mobility, the Region is at its early stage and governments are going to stimulate this emerging industry. The countries are developing zero-energy building strategies and applying different energy conservation measures. During the last years there is a growth in the number of new buildings with better energy efficient characteristics.

Be part of the event and take opportunity to:

  • Step on the emerging SEE market
  • Connect with local industryGet the latest knowledge
  • Foresee the future challenges

Conference Highlights

  • ‘The Future of District Energy in the EU’, Euroheat & Power session
  • ‘Financing Energy Renovation of Buildings’, ENEP session
  • City Resilience & Emergency Systems Control
  • Geo-localized Information
  • Smart Lighting
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Energy Storage

Exhibitor Profile

Energy Efficiency (EE)

  • Cogeneration, Equipment and Technologies in different branches: Power Engineering, Agriculture, Transport, Utilities, and in Household; Air Conditioning and Thermal Pumps
  • Energy Efficient Construction: Low Energy Buildings, Insulation, Passive Houses and Design
  • RENEWABLES (RE): Bio-, Hydro-, Wind-, Geothermal Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, PV, BIPV and Waste-to-Energy

Smart Cities

  • Smart Buildings: Building Automation Systems (BAS), Lighting, Communication Systems, HVAC Management Systems, Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, Fire Systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Services: Software, Data, Telephony & CATV, etc.
  • Energy Management, Smart Grid, Energy Storage
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Intelligent Emergency Management and Urban Planning
  • Mobility and Transport: Charging Stations, E- Mobility, Traffic Management, Parking and Ticket Machines

Vistior Profile

  • CEOs, decision makers, investors, consultants and experts from sectors:
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Associations
  • Automation, Electronics Engineering
  • Facility and Utility Management
  • Financing and Investment
  • Forest and Wood Processing
  • HVAC
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Lighting
  • Machine Building
  • Media
  • Petroleum
  • Power Engineering
  • Processing Industry
  • Research and Development Centers
  • State and Municipal Administration
  • Tourism
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Universities