10th International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

June 3 to 5, 2015 - València, Spain

ECOSUD 2015 is the 10th International Conference in the well established series on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development. The meetings provide a unique forum for the presentation and discussion of recent work on different aspects of ecosystems and sustainable development, including physical sciences and modelling.

This successful series first started in Peniscola, Spain (1997) and continued in Lemnos, Greece (1999); Alicante, Spain (2001); Siena, Italy (2003); Cadiz, Spain (2005); Coimbra, Portugal (2007); Chianciano Terme, Italy (2009), Alicante, Spain (2011) and Bucharest, Romania (2013).

The aim of the 10th International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development is to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary communication between scientists, engineers, economists and professionals working in ecological systems and sustainable development. Emphasis will be given to those areas that will most benefit from the application of scientific methods for sustainable development, including the conservation of natural systems around the world. The conference objectives have evolved over the years, seeking to integrate thermodynamics, ecology and economics into “ecodynamics”.

The papers presented at this conference as well as all preceding meetings in the series have been permanently archived in the Wessex Institute eLibrary as WIT Transactions (see http://library.witpress.com) where they are easily accessible to the scientific community. They contribute a whole record of the state of the art in ecosystems and sustainable development fields. The conference books are produced in paper and digital format and widely distributed throughout the world.

Conference Topics

  • Energy and the environment
  • Environmental indicators
  • Sustainable development and planning
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Natural resources management
  • Sustainable development studies
  • Waste management
  • Soil contamination and recovery
  • Recovery of damaged areas
  • Protection and mitigation
  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Economic and benefit analysis
  • Policies
  • Environmental management
  • Climate change and adaptation
  • Forensic analysis
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment
  • Innovation in environmental management
  • Sustainable indicators, monitoring and assessment
  • Natural resources in periurban spaces
  • Territorial risk management

Prigogine Award 2015

The Prigogine Gold Medal 2015 Award Ceremony will take place on 3rd June 2015 in Valencia. This prestigious event is sponsored by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia on the occasion of the 10th International Conference onEcosystems and Sustainable Development (ECOSUD 2015).

The Prigogine Medal was established in 2004 by the University of Siena and the Wessex Institute of Technology to honour the memory of Professor Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry.


Conference Proceedings Papers presented at ECOSUD 2015 will be published by WIT Press in Volume 192 of WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment (ISSN: 1746-448X Digital ISSN: 1743-3541) WIT Press ensures maximum worldwide dissemination of your research through its own offices in Europe, the USA and via its extensive international distribution network.

Delegates will have the choice of receiving the conference book as either hard cover or digital format on a USB flash drive. The USB flash drive will, in addition contain papers from previous conferences in this series.

Participants can present their research and interact with experts from around the world, becoming part of a unique community.