CSP Focus MENA 2015

September 29 & 30, 2015 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As the only commercial and professional gathering in Middle East & North Africa region for CSP and solar thermal domain, CSP Focus MENA 2015 provides the most powerful and effective platform for all industry players. Held during Sept.29-30 in Dubai, CSP Focus MENA 2015 will welcome 200 CSP and solar thermal thought leaders from MENA and abroad.

Agenda Overview

Day 1, Tuesday, September 29

  • An Overview of MENA Solar Thermal Market
  • Opportunities in Middle East
  • Opportunities in North Africa
  • Case Studies from CSP Projects in MENA

Day 1, Wednesday, September 30

  • How to Make CSP Bankable in MENA
  • Alternative Application for Solar Thermal
  • International Experience in O & M
  • Take a Further Look at Asia
  • Technology Breakthroughs Leading CSP Forward

Hear the freshest ideas from 30 senior industry experts and share thoughts with 200 peers:

MENA Market Dynamics—get updated with current progress of MENA CSP market by figuring out policy trends, project status, local value chain development as well as investment environment in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc. to guide your business strategies in MENA.

Case Studies Analysis—find out how to integrate abundant solar resources with local geographical environment by getting real performance indicators and suggestions from successful developers in terms of site selection and components procurement as well as O&M. Understand why ISCC plants and industrial application projects are popular in MENA regions to find different options for CSP technology development.

Tips From Financial Experts—get a deep understanding from international CSP financiers about the assessment of economics and feasibility of CSP development in MENA as well as the diversified funding options to make your projects bankable in deserts.

Asian Markets Outlook—dig out more opportunities in Asian markets by hearing from Chinese and Indian CSP experts and compare MENA and Asia to find a suitable development plan.

MENA CSP Projects To Be Shared

Project Name Region Technology Capacity Status
Shams 1 Abu Dhabi, UAE Parabolic trough 100MW Operational
NOOR I Morocco Parabolic trough 160MW Under construction
NOOR II Morocco Parabolic trough 200MW Under development
NOOR III Morocco Power tower 150MW Under development
Ain Beni Mathar ISCC Morocco Parabolic trough 20MW Operational
Ait-Baha Pilot Plant Morocco Parabolic trough 3MW Operational
Duba 1 ISCC Saudi Arabia Parabolic trough 50MW Under development
Waad A Shamal Saudi Arabia Parabolic trough 50MW Under development
Kuraymat ISCC Egypt Parabolic trough 20MW Operational
Kom Ombo Egypt Parabolic trough 100MW Under development
Marsa Alam Egypt Parabolic trough 30MW Planning
Taqa CSP Project Egypt Power tower 250MW Planning
Shagaya project Kuwait Parabolic trough 50MW Under development
Al Abdaliyah ISCC Kuwait Parabolic trough 60MW Under development
Hassi R’mel ISCC Algeria Parabolic trough 20MW Operational
DLR – Algeria CSP tower pilot plant Algeria Power tower 7MW Development
POD Solar EOR Oman Enclosed trough 1GW Under development
El Borma ISCC Tunisia Tower – ISCC 5MW Planned
TN-STEG Concentrated Solar Power plant Tunisia Parabolic trough 50MW Planned
TuNur Tunisia Power tower 2000MW Planned
Dervish CSP Turkey Power tower 50MW Under development
Greenway CSP Mersin Tower Plant Turkey Power tower 1.4 MW Operational
Yazd ISCC Iran Parabolic trough 17MW Operational
Sahara Forest Project Qatar Parabolic trough Operational

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Event Organizer

Ella Wei
CSP Focus
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