CSP Focus Chile 2015

December 2 & 3, 2015 - Santiago, Chile

In Latin America, Chile has grown into the most promising land for solar development with the incredibly high DNI level and liberal market environment. Faced up with the shortage of conventional resources, increasing demand of electricity and heavy reliance on energy import, early in 2012, Chile government put forward with an energy policy—National Energy Strategy: 2012-2030, aiming at the 10% of electricity generation coming from renewables by 2024. Through this policy, renewable energies begin to boost up, especially CSP is considered the most suitable technology to deliver dispatchable and stable electricity and thermal with the heat storage systems, which can highly meet the demanding curve of local market. Right now we can see no Feed-in-Tariff schemes in Chile, which can be a double-edge sword: high electricity price without any subsidies or tax benefits& fluctuating price leading to project development risks. How to weigh the pros and cons of such liberal market is an important topic.

Since the Great North of Chile boasts incredible solar resources and has huge demand of electricity, CSP is definitely going to be the great engine to drive local industrial development. However this water-scarce area raises new requirements: dry cooling and heat storage. It’s necessary to figure out its impact on cost and output. As CSP is a relatively new technology without much track record in Chile, how to win the trust from financiers and convince them for the support is also important.

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CSP Focus Chile 2015 will take people to explore the potentials of Chilean CSP industry, help CSP players position themselves to win a share in this market. Get yourself ready and begin this journey.

Key Topics

Get the market scenario—try to figure out local electricity and energy demand & supply, political landscapes, and how to make the best of this free market to plan your business accordingly.

Experience from successful bidders —let the forerunners show you how to adapt their plans to local CSP market: working out local electricity demand, gaining long term PPA with a reasonable tariff, and sparing their projects from local environmental challenges.

Look for opportunities in mining industry —analyze demanding curve of mining industry to project their future needs in electricity and thermal energy, know how to cooperate with them to achieve win-win outcomes.

Cost reduction with Chinese suppliers—meet Chinese suppliers to see how their products can win out from intense competition with favorable price and outstanding quality, and help with cost reduction and performance improvement in a CSP project.

Agenda Highlights

  • Political Landscapes of Renewable Energy in Chile
  • CSP Dynamics in Chile
  • How to Make CSP Feasible in Chile
  • Financial Expertise to Guide You through Project Bottlenecks
  • Industrial Application of CSP in Chile
  • Market Threshold of CSP in MENA
  • Cost Reduction with Chinese Suppliers
  • Technology Breakthroughs Leading CSP Forward

Take advantage of plenty of networking opportunities at CSP Focus Chile 2015:

Contact – You can contact with your peers, your customers and your suppliers. Contact is SZ&W Group’s unique communication service. Just join the event. You can contact all the attendees before the event, after the event. Always contact.

Networking Break – During the networking break, you can talk with more than 200 global CSP industry executives in a timely and topical industry forum. It’s a delight to have tea break and delicacy refreshment while meeting with each other and exchanging business cards.

Lunch Time – During our extra long lunch breaks, you can have an in-depth conversation for further cooperation while enjoying the delicious food.

Cocktail Party – The cocktail party is supported by our sponsor. During the cocktail party, there will show local tradition culture performance .You will have a happy cocktail conversation with your peers.

Workshop – Leading experts will offer all the participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge during these intensive half-day workshops. The emphasis is on activity and interaction.

Panel Discussion – Giving opportunity to hear top knowledgeable people about topic present information and discuss personal views. The panel discussion will help the participants further clarify and evaluate their positions regarding CSP.

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