Commercialising Grid-Scale Energy Storage Global Congress 2015

November 25 & 26, 2015 - London, UK

Demonstrating the business case and the future road map for commercialising energy storage applications and grid-scale advanced batteries across power generation, distribution and transmission.

Global installed energy storage for grid and ancillary applications is to to grow from 538 MW in 2014 to 21 GW in 2024, with revenue from energy storage set to increase from $675 million in 2014 to $15.6 billion in 2024. Worldwide revenue accrued from this market to skyrocket to $15.6 Billion

After months of research with utilities across Europe involved in Energy Storage applications, a few things are clear-cut. Stakeholders want to:

  • Cut through the technology hype
  • Objectively assess the specific applications of grid-scale energy storage across the electricity supply chain
  • And very importantly, hear commercial, business case driven case studies to adopt and implement rather than reinvent the wheel

For this reason, the Commercialising Grid-Scale Energy Storage Global Congress 2015 has partnered up with leading European utilities and stakeholder groups to demonstrate and deliver actual results from pilot studies and the future road for commercialising energy storage applications across power generation, distribution and transmission.

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The carefully selected case studies will benchmark progress, shape future plans and establish ROI from grid-scale energy storage applied to the entire electricity supply chain.

PROVING THE BUSINESS CASE FOR ENERGY STORAGE : Defining A Future Roadmap For Advanced Batteries And Cutting-Edge Energy Storage Solutions To Identify Key Profitability Drivers

DETERMINING PROFITABLE POWER GENERATION APPLICATIONS : Demonstrating The Profit Potential Of The Latest Energy Storage Applications For PV, Wind And Natural Gas Power Generation

PROVING THE COMMERCIAL VIABILITY OF TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION ENERGY STORAGE : Presenting Commercial & Technical Perspectives On How Energy Storage Can Optimise Power Transmission To Optimise Costs

BATTERY COST VS. PERFORMANCE COMPARISONS : Providing A Comprehensive Breakdown Of Cost Vs. Performance Of The Latest Cutting-Edge Grid-Scale Batteries To Detail Informed Business Case Overviews

ENERGY STORAGE REGULATIONS : Clarifying UK And EU Regulatory Frameworks For Energy Storage Projects To Determine How These Will Impact Business Models

ENERGY STORAGE ALTERNATIVES TO BATTERIES : Evaluating The Business Case For Using Alternatives To Battery Storage Including Pump Storage, Flywheels, Compressed Air Storage And Interconnectors To Demonstrate Profitability

Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • European Utilities
  • European Regulatory Bodies
  • North American Federal Utilities
  • North American Municipal Utilities
  • International Utilities

Agenda Highlights

  • Keynote: Roadmapping Energy Storage Technologies
  • Roadmapping Energy Storage Technologies
  • Transferable US Utilities Experiences
  • PV Grid Integration
  • Wind Power Generation: Battery Applications
  • Power Generation: Technology-Led Panel
  • Load Shifting Vs. Peaking Power Plants
  • Demand Side Response Strategies
  • Minimising Current Inversion Losses
  • Combined Cycle Natural Gas Plants
  • EU Regulations: Transferable Lessons
  • Legislative Framework: Tranferable Lessons
  • Ancillary Services Applications
  • Transmission Applications
  • Delaying Grid Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Power Transmission: Technology-Led Panel
  • Large-Industrial Independent Generators
  • Residential Applications
  • Spare Electrical Capacity Utilisation
  • Alternative Applications To Battery Storage: Panel
  • Storage Management Software
  • Battery Automation Software