BIO Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015

May 20 & 21, 2015 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BIO Energy is the premier exhibition and conference for high growth potential bioenergy companies and established key players across the bioeconomy value chain. A unique opportunity for networking, partnering, and exhibition, the future of North America’s bio energy sector will be driven by the lasting partnerships and interactions forged at BIO Energy.

BIO Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015 is an annual exhibition and conference that connects key stakeholders in the biofuel and bioenergy value chains, providing them with a platform to network, showcase their innovations, and develop new business opportunities. In addition to business development, BIO Energy will provide visibility into the continuously evolving universe of emerging and established companies within the value chain, including feedstock and raw materials, process technology, advanced biofuels, bio-based chemicals, storage, distribution channels, biomass power, and biogas.

Program Highlights

Panel Session: Meet the Corporate Strategics – Major corporations provide insight on their strategy for partnerships, joint ventures, and investing with biofuels and bioenergy companies. Hear how some of these partnerships have paved the way for commercial scale projects, and how your project could be next.

Advanced Biofuels: Scaling up the next generation – First generation biofuels have faced many challenges, including the “Food vs. Fuel” debate, disappearing government subsidies and incentives, decreased cost competitiveness compared to fossil fuels, and limited GHG savings. As advanced biofuels enter the market, leading innovators in the biofuels industry discuss new challenges in production and commercial scale up.

Company Showcase Presentations – Leaders from high growth potential emerging companies from across North America present their business models and innovations in concise, short format presentations.

Industry Panel Session: Biomass Energy – Power Play: Can North America “tap” in to biomass power? In recent years, Scandinavia and Europe have seen increasing adoption of renewable power and energy from biomass. Listen as panelists discuss the risks and rewards associated with adopting biomass power, the potential impact biomass power plants could have on energy production, and challenges and obstacles to implementing biomass to power conversion methods in North America.

Industry Panel Session: Access to Capital – Meet the faces of companies that can help finance the next big step towards a more sustainable energy future and learn how and when to approach them.

Government Panel Session – Navigating Policy, Legislation, and Funding in the Biofuels and Bioenergy Industries. Representatives from across the Government come together to showcase the work being done to ensure a stable and supportive environment for companies looking to drive the bioeconomy forward and do business in Canada.

Industry Panel Session: Partnering for Success – This year has been marked by the realization of commercial scale biofuel production facilities. Listen as panelists representing these success stories explain the obstacles they faced, the partnerships that made success possible, and what lies ahead for these new facilities.


  • Philippe Bergeron, Senior Manager Syndication, Energy, and Infrastructure, Banque Laurentienne
  • Brent Boyko, Director of Biomass Business Development, Ontario Power Generation
  • Denver Dale, Founder & CEO, OnPoint Capital
  • Michael Dennis, Investment Manager, Innovacorp
  • Tom Erickson, Co-President and Director, First Green Partners
  • Vonnie Estes, Managing Director US, GranBio
  • Marie-Hélène Labrie, Senior VP Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem
  • John Plaza, President, CEO & Founder, Imperium Renewables
  • Ziyad Rahme, Senior VP & General Manager, Iogen Corporation
  • George Theodoropoulos, Managing Director, Infrastructure, Fengate Capital Management

From feedstock to fuel, researchers to consumers, don’t miss out on your opportunity to get involved and help fuel a sustainable future.