Asia Clean Energy Summit

October 27 & 28, 2015 - Singapore

Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) is Asia’s leading event focusing on clean energy technology, policy and finance supported by leading government agencies, research institutes and industry in Singapore. ACES provide a common platform for regional thought leaders in both the public and private sector to collaborate on critical issues and opportunities in harnessing clean energy for the future.

As the regional platform to share and co-create innovative clean energy solutions, ACES supports the vision to be a clean energy hub for Asia.

ACES also:

  • Explores collaboration and innovative clean energy solutions within a vibrant ecosystem of technology/service companies, research institutes and energy leaders.
  • Provides a platform to discuss, understand and experience Singapore’s “living laboratory” for solar adoption, the integration of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and learn how sustainable energy management is essential to liveable cities.
  • Helps shape the future of clean energy and smart-sustainable cities.

ACES is the region’s definitive event on Clean Energy. Highlights of the two-day programme include:

  • Clean Energy Leaders Dialogue
  • PV Asia Scientific Conference
  • PV Asia Financial Summit
  • Offshore Renewables
  • Power to Gas and Fuels
  • Smart Grids, Electricmobility & Renewables Integration

Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) will feature the following brand of conferences:

PV Asia

The PV Asia Scientific Conference is an international scientific-technical conference that is held annually in Singapore, in conjunction with the Asian Clean Energy Summit (ACES).

The Conference is chaired by Prof Armin ABERLE, the CEO of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS).The Conference is co-organised by SERIS and features invited keynote talks and a CTO Dialogue session. The invited speakers are globally recognised experts in their respective fields.

The Conference covers the full range of PV research, development, testing and demonstration, including solar materials, solar cells, PV modules, PV systems, grid integration and rural electrification.

PV Asia Financial Summit is the premier solar finance event under the Asia Clean Energy Summit and Singapore International Energy Week ( Solar Financial Summit in Singapore is a part of the well-established VDE international series of finance and bankability-focused events which also includes the PV Asia Financial Summit at SNEC Shanghai, and the VDE Financial Dialogue in Düsseldorf and Tokyo.

High level representatives from the finance and investment sector, insurance providers, project developers and the PV industry shall be invited to present their innovative solutions and discuss today’s burning topics for solar PV, such as:

  • How to lower risk and achieve bankability for solar projects in the region
  • Strategies to help regional project developers successfully expand to other markets in Asia
  • Opportunities for facility managers and building owners to utilize solar PV
  • Investment models and financing channels that can be used to fund the growth of solar

Take advantage of this chance to attend the PV Asia Financial Summit and learn about the latest business trends and developments in Asia. Of particular focus for this event is the Southeast Asian region, which has been identified as a promising growth market alongside the currently booming Chinese and Japanese PV markets.

Solarising Singapore – Given Singapore’s strategic location in the Asian Sunbelt and the high cost of electricity, there has been a growing interest in solar PV over the years. The announcement of the SolarNova programme by the government, with a proposed 350 MW installed on government buildings by 2020, has made Singapore an attractive market for both local and international solar companies and financial institutions. This session will provide a platform for adopters of solar to hear from the experts and understand not only the technology but also the new business model of solar leasing. Some of the pioneering companies will also be presented with awards for their early and innovative adoption of solar.

RE Asia

The RE Asia Conference 2014 will bring together academics, researchers, professional engineers, government policy makers, and business professionals from the domains of Renewable Energy Integration, Offshore Renewable Energy; Micro-grids, Smart Grids & Energy Storage; and Grid Interactions of Electromobility. The aim of the conference is to share the latest developments in policy, fundamental research, and commercialized & new technologies involved in these domains, from design through implementation. This will be a forum for leading energy professionals to meet to discuss their contributions to the challenges faced in these domains and to discover the opportunities that await them.

RE Asia Conference 2014 is organized by the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N), with the support of Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) and will be held in conjunction with the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), a gathering of over 10,000 research, business, and policy leaders. SIEW is organized by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry that is tasked with promoting effective competition in the energy market, ensuring a reliable and secure energy supply, and developing a dynamic energy sector in Singapore.