Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstocks Conference

June 9 & 10, 2015 - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

ABFC is the gathering point for the top supply chain leaders in the Advanced Bioeconomy — bringing together the entire spectrum of CEOs and senior executives in business development, R&D, strategic partners, finance, policy and equipment suppliers — looking at Business models, Economics, Partnerships, Government programs, Logistics, Equipment and Yield improvement.

ABFC looks at key supply chain technologies heading for scale, or deploying in force — including agricultural, industrial, forest, and municipal residues, as well as dedicated energy crops, oilseeds and aquaculture. Whether it is sugars, oils, proteins or cellulose, ABFC is home to the definitive statements on direction, priorities, value chain build-out and supply chain selection.

Charting The Course For The New Feedstocks Powering The Advanced Bioeconomy

The Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstocks Conference is about real dialogue by the real leaders on the real issues in feedstocks and supply chain.

As companies develop, plant, grow, protect, aggregate, ship, store, prepare and pretreat the feedstocks of tomorrow, there are pressing issues in the business models, economics, partnerships, government programs & policies, finance, risk management, logistics, equipment, and yield improvement. At ABFC, we’ll look at dedicated energy crops, agricultural residues, MSW, fast, oils, greases, algae, oilseeds, industrial gases like CO2, cellullosic sugars and woody biomass. It’s an in-depth look at the sources, ss the advanced bioeconomy is reaching scale.

Unparalleled Networking – Where The “ONES To Know” Go

The who’s who of the industry — starting with the Top 125 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy — make Digest conferences a “must-go” opportunity to make new contacts and renew ties with partners, policymakers, investors, technologists, R&D leaders and more.

At Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstocks Conference 2015 in New Orleans, you’ll participate in plenary sessions on the major topics, specialized workshops, trade association meet-ups, one-to-one networking and meetings, press events, private and event-wide receptions, and media events ranging from trade press to televised event coverage and roundtables via BioChannel.TV.

Agenda Highlights

  • The Feedstock & Supply Chain Imperative And Outlook
  • The Global Bioeconomy Feedstocks Keynote
  • Supply Chain Policies And Programs
  • The Advanced Feedstocks Afternoon Keynote
  • Feedstocks In Depth: The New Sorghum, And Dedicated Energy Crops
  • Feedstocks In Depth: Algae & Co2
  • Feedstocks In Depth: Agricultural Crop Residues
  • Feedstocks In Depth: Municipal & Industrial Residues
  • Abfc – The Feedstock Financing & Risk Reduction Imperative
  • The Global Bioeconomy Feedstocks Keynote
  • The New Technologies
  • Feedstocks In Depth: Woody Biomass
  • Feedstocks In Depth: The New Oilseeds
  • Special Workshop: Setting Industry R&D, Policy And Message Priorities

At ABFC, we’re honoring and honored by the presence of:

  • The Top 125People in the Bioeconomy
  • The 2015 Bioeconomy Achievement Award winners
  • The 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy
  • The 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials
  • and the 40 Hottest Small Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy

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