8th Energy Storage World Forum

April 27 to 30, 2015 - Rome, Italy

According to Lux Research, the global demand for storage solutions will reach a staggering $113.5 billion by 2017. The Energy Storage World Forum provides you with an excellent opportunity to establish key partnerships early, explore new investments, and plant a stake in this burgeoning industry. The forum will allow you to meet the industry’s movers and shakers in person and benefit from their extensive connections – an incredible networking experience.

Who Will You Meet

  • Utilities, TSOs, DSOs, DNOs
  • Generation
  • Government/Regulators/Public Agencies
  • Energy Storage Solutions Providers
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Research Institutes
  • Investors
  • Wind & Solar Operators
  • PV Manufacturers
  • Power Electronics
  • Commercial & Industrial End Users
  • NGOs
  • Property Developers
  • EPCs
  • System Integrators
  • Distributors and Installers
  • Energy Trading
  • Oil/Gas
  • ESCOs

Agenda Highlights

  • Who Will Own And Manage The New Business Models Derived From Residential Energy Storage?
  • Quantifying the Market Potential And Evaluating The Business Case For Commercial And Residential Prosumers
  • Examining ROI Of Storage By Examining Three Years Results From Residential PV Application With Li-Ion Batteries
  • How To Engage Prosumers In Managing Self-Consumption And Avoiding Costly Grid Upgrades And Investments
  • Forecasting Net Loads Fluctuations In the Transmission and Distribution System In Order To Ensure Effective Capacity With Self Consumption
  • To Diesel Or Not To Diesel? The Business Case For Self- Consumption Without Diesel
  • Evaluating The Results From A Self Consumption Case Study Within A Commercial District
  • How To Adapt Prosumer Systems With PV Batteries To The Need Of The Distribution Grids
  • Evaluating Taxation and Pricing Systems For Distributed Generation Based On Self-Consumption And Prosumers
  • Evaluating Methods For Coupling Renewable Power Plants With Storage
  • How Can A Solar Developer Make More Profit By Adding Storage To Their Site?
  • To What Extent Is A Differentiation Between Seasonal Storage, Short Term Storage And Intra-Day Storage Needed?
  • How Can Energy Storage Be Competitive With Other Non Storage Options?
  • Lowering Balance Of System Costs And Enabling Faster Adoption Of Energy Storage
  • Evaluating The Business Case for Large Scale Battery Energy Storage System In The Primary Frequency Control Market
  • How To Acquire More Demand Response, Solar And Storage By Turning DSOs Into Independent Distribution System Operators (IDSO)
  • Creating A Common Framework To Evaluate The Whole Energy Storage System Performance – IEC TC120
  • Identifying The Best Ways Of Anchoring With Local Industries And Creating A Stable Business Model For Rural Microgrids
  • Evaluating The Benefits Of Local Energy Storage In Wind Farms From A Portfolio Management Perspective
  • Who Should Invest In Storage? Deciding Three Solutions To The Ongoing Ownership Debate
  • Examining Absorption Capabilities Of Grids Via Storage In Order To Achieve Grid Stability With A Higher Share Of Renewables
  • Operating And Maintaining Optimal Performance Of Energy Storage Installations
  • Current State Of Play And Business Case Of Power-To-Gas In Europe
  • Which Research Methodology Is Most Reliable When Selecting A Given Energy Storage Technology And Calculating Its True Costs And Value?
  • How To Start An Open Market For Second Life Batteries In Order To Lower The Costs Of Energy Storage Systems
  • Developing Microgrid Projects In Asia And How To Establish Partnerships With Funding Organisations
  • Standardising Testing Methods Of Batteries In Order To Evaluate Their True Life And Achieving Long Term Reliability
  • How To Create A Combination Of Services With Energy Storage And Achieve Cost Effectiveness
  • Overcoming The Challenges Of Planning And Designing A Modular Large-Scale 5-Megawatt Battery Storage System And Offering Balancing Services
  • Examining The Italian Regulatory Framework For Storage
  • Evaluating The Latest Results From Energy Storage Projects With Solar
  • Identifying The Energy Storage Services Most Economically Viable In The Short Term And Predicting How They Can Generate Revenue From 2015-2025
  • Examining The Challenges and Opportunities For Storage In European ICT Networks Telecommunication Applications
  • To What Extent Can New Capacity Mechanisms Help Energy Storage?
  • Morocco Case Study Results: Evaluating The Results Of Solar With Storage
  • Evaluating Results From 9 Solar and Hybrid Microgrids With A Total Installed Capacity Of 550 kWh In Africa
  • What Is The Impact Of Storage On The Energy System And Can It Replace Or Compliment The Conventional Flexibility Providers?
  • Examining The Return On Investement Of Residential Energy Storage Services From A Utility Point Of View
  • Evaluating Power Quality and Grid Reliability With Li-ion Batteries at 500/360 kW/kWh
  • Calculating The Energy Storage Investment Risk Within Solar Projects

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