5th Renewable Power Generation Conference

September 21 to 23, 2016 - London, UK

Closely aligned to the IET Renewable Power Generation (RPG) Journal, the conference scope brings together the topics of renewable energy technology, power generation and systems integration with techno-economic issues.

This friendly international conference returns to the UK after five years, having travelled to Beijing and Naples in between.

The technical scope has been revised for 2016 to ensure it addresses the challenges and issues faced by the renewables industry across the globe.

The new chair, Mike O’Hare, General Manager of London Array, operator of the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm, will ensure the conference is more relevant than ever to those seeking technological solutions to problems encountered in this growing sector.

The two-day conference offers technical sessions in the following categories:

Wind technology

  • Sensors, control and condition monitoring
  • Floating wind turbines
  • Foundations for offshore wind turbines
  • Smart strategies for wind farm operation
  • Wind farm modelling and control
  • Active and reactive power control for grid support
  • Extending wind plant life
  • Operations and maintenance

PV systems technology

  • PV system design and performance
  • Power conversion and grid interaction
  • MPPT algorithms
  • Integration of PV into buildings and infrastructure
  • O&M
  • Lifetime and reliability

Power systems integration issues

  • Compliance with system security and quality standards
  • Demand side management
  • Making the most of energy storage
  • Smart grids
  • Remote control of renewable sources
  • System operational resilience with high RE penetration
  • Network services from renewable energy generation
  • Use of HVDC or low-frequency transmission
  • Market design and operation
  • Impact of distributed generation on distribution systems
  • DC Distribution systems
  • Renewable energy forecasting

Other renewable energy sources

  • Geothermal power generation
  • Wave and tidal energy
  • Solar thermal power generation
  • Power generation from biomass
  • Hybrid systems combining multiple energy sources, with or without storage

Technology, policy and market options

  • Encouraging flexibility in generation and demand
  • Long-term infrastructure planning and investment

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