4th Annual Ontario Power Conference

April 14 & 15, 2015 - Toronto, Canada

Staying informed of the coming changes in Ontario’s power industry is crucial to your organization’s adaptability. Why risk being unprepared? Gain clarity on government policies, keep apprised of industry trends and forge vital business connections by claiming your spot in a roomful of major players in the sector. Join CI Energy Group to participate in key sessions and panels including:

  • In-depth Analysis on how the revitalized IESO will transform the energy landscape in Ontario: What are the issues that must be confronted and the concerns to be allayed?
  • Panel Discussions on the long-term energy outlook, the reorganization of local distribution companies, storage trends and tools, regulatory developments affecting power dynamics, the plausibility of a capacity market in the province, and more.
  • Critical Assessments of innovations and strategies adopted in Alberta, Québec and New York – What lessons can Ontario garner from other regions?

Why You Should Attend the Ontario Power Conference

  • Spend two whole days interacting with leading experts and your peers in Ontario’s power sector – in a candid, relaxed and interactive setting.
  • Explore how LDC reforms will impact your business
  • Examine the opportunities and developments in the Ring of Fire
  • Benefit from insight into the evolving Ontario power landscape and the direction of energy policy
  • Understand the changing dynamics of power generation and the opportunities this presents
  • Learn how to successfully operate in a fast-changing and highly politicized power sector
  • Hear how you can overcome NIMBYism with successful community engagement strategies

As Ontario debates potential changes to the generation supply mix, manages infrastructure planning to open up of the Ring of Fire in the North, and faces increasing congestion to the urban transmission and distribution grid – stakeholders are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of an evolving power sector.

The 4th Annual Ontario Power Conference will better equip your organization to successfully address the most pressing issues to ensure you are ready for tomorrow’s coming changes. Attend this two day forum to position your organization to effectively capitalize in today’s dynamic environment:

  • Gain insight into how to succeed in a changing policy environment
  • Examine the future direction of local distribution companies after the release of the Blue Ribbon Report
  • Analyze the future direction of Ontario power rates and how this will impact potential economic development
  • Learn the implications for utilities following the release of the OEB’s Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity report
  • Explore how to overcome congestion challenges of the grid distribution system in the GTA
  • Assess whether the cross border interconnected transmission system can present efficiency opportunities for Ontario’s power sector

Agenda Highlights

  • A Bold, New Energy Vision: The Integration of the OPA and IESO and the Resulting Impacts on Stakeholders
  • Long-term Energy Outlook: Demand, Response and What’s in Store for Ontario
  • Ontario Electricity Pricing: Where It’s Going and What to Do About It
  • The Evolution of Storage Technologies and their Asset Potential in Ontario’s Energy Infrastructure
  • The Potential for Reorganization and Consolidation Across the LDC Landscape — A Move Toward Increased Efficiency?
  • Case Study: An Analysis of the Competitive Procurement Process Associated with a 500 kV Bulk Transmission Project in Alberta
  • Embracing Smart Tech: Boosting Power Quality & Reliability and Taking Stock of Industry Implementation
  • Building Energy Strategies from the Ground Up through Community and Regional Participation

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