2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment

June 18 & 19, 2015 - Guimarães, Portugal

The 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment brings together leading academic scientists, researchers, and scholars from the energy and environment science community to interchange knowledge, to discuss and to disseminate new ideas towards a low-carbon, sustainable future.

The conference is organized by the School of Engineering, University of Minho and the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto.

Indeed, energy and environment transition issues require much more than pure technology knowledge. Instead, they involve processes of technological transfer where economics, social sciences, and even politics play decisive roles.

You will also have the opportunity to visit Guimarães, a magnificent city of medieval origin known for being the cradle of the Portuguese nation. You may have then admire the remarkably well preserved Historical Quarter of Guimarães classified by UNESCO as World Heritage site since 2001, getting also in contact with the popular traditions and taste the famous gastronomy of the Minho region.

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Henrik Lund, Professor in Energy Planning at Aalborg University in Denmark and Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier international journal ENERGY
  • Luc Hens, European editor for the “International Journal of Environment, Development and Sustainability”

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