Commercial Application of Grid-Level Storage Solutions

February 16 & 17, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Commercial Application of Grid-Level Storage Solutions

Due to the European Commission setting targets to increase amount of renewable energy from 2020 and onwards, traditional power plants are being replaced by renewable energy. Firms now want to utilise storage solutions for renewable energy.

Commercial Application of Grid-Level Storage Solutions will look at market design for grid-level storage, with a focus on the commercial application of this and how can firms actually make this work in practice in a profitable business model. The practicalities of revenue generation with integrated storage facilities will be illuminated as we examine the current and perspective regulatory environment in which the distribution and transmission side will be operating as will the latest innovations and technological advances in the field.

Key Topics

  • Hear practical examples of business cases proposed for grid-scale storage, and why they have worked
  • Discover what revenue generating services can accompany large-scale storage, and see practicalities of offering these
  • Understand the latest from regulators on storage and how the market is reforming
  • Explore the latest and most innovative technology and system controls for Grid-level storage

Gain practical insights from experts in the field, including:

  • Tim Hughes, Head of Research Projects/Principal Scientist, Siemens
  • Mikael Mikaelsson, Science and Innovation Policy Advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Kai-Philipp Kairies, Team Leader Market Development of Storage Systems, Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems
  • Neil Hewitt, Professor and Director, Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Ulster University
  • Hassen Bali, Director, Energy Storage, Camborne Capital Group
  • Yulong Ding, Professor Chemical Engineering, Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage
  • Marek Kubik, Energy Storage Market Analyst, AES
  • James Parrot, Energy Storage Specialist, British Solar Renewables