ACI’s 3rd National Capitalizing on Grid-Scale Energy Storage

June 8 to 10, 2016 - San Francisco, California, USA

ACI’s 3rd National Capitalizing on Grid-Scale Energy Storage

The utility or grid scale energy storage market is becoming more important than ever as renewable energy generation complicates the energy topography of the grid.

The potential size of the energy storage market segment is very large in the many hundreds of billions of dollars. The electric energy sector will increasingly add on energy storage to enhance its generating capacity with the addition of necessary storage capacity and when one considers the size of the potential global market it is easy to understand why so many venture capitalists and energy storage startups are hoping to get even a small piece of what promises to be a very large pie.

Cost effective energy storage yields better asset utilization and well as the reduction of environmental damage from traditional energy generation, and now is becoming a reality due to economic and technological advances in bulk energy storage systems.

Attend ACI’s 3rd National Capitalizing on Grid-Scale Energy Storage: Energy Storage as a Practical Reality – Working toward Maturity and Building Value in a Developing Market Systems, June 8-10, 2016, San Francisco, CA to discover the significant market opportunities for energy storage, including government policy and regulatory initiatives, new requirements for transmission and distribution of power in electric markets, increased utilization of distributed energy systems and the integration of storage into smart grid platforms.

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This three-day conference will cover all aspects of the implementation of energy storage technologies as a key enabler of grid modernization, addressing the electric grid’s most pressing needs by improving its stability and resiliency. Investment in energy storage is essential for keeping pace with the soaring demand for electricity.

Key Topics

  • Energy storage as a long term resource in commercial energy management plans, storage project models, and energy procurement plans to support and compete with conventional generation, transmission and distribution resources.
  • Integrating energy storage with renewable power and connecting to the grid to help operators and utilities turn intermittent unpredictable sources of energy into a reliable resource.
  • Energy storage solutions to create growth in the market for renewable energy by enabling its use in greater volumes and in new applications; reducing costs so new technologies can compete on economic terms.
  • Integrating energy storage with solar and wind and connecting to the grid.
  • Standards, modeling, software integration and cybersecurity awareness.
  • New business models to make, apply, and operate storage assets to allow the gird to work more reliably and cost-effectively while decreasing negative environmental impacts.
  • Developing standards for modeling and regulatory reform and financing grid-scale storage technology in an uncertain marketplace.
  • Grid-scale storage as a regulation service to provide fast and flexible response systems to deal with unmanaged variation due to power plant failures and transmission outages.
  • Determining energy storage solutions while taking into consideration safe technologies, life cycles, cost effectiveness, maintenance requirements, size, efficiencies, discharge rate and depth of discharge.
  • Deploying substation-sited storage, co-locating with renewables, as well as in domains such as community energy storage and residential energy storage.
  • Lessons learned from energy storage pil

Target Audience

  • Energy industry executives
  • Policymakers
  • Energy consultants and engineers
  • Legal and regulatory professionals
  • Academics
  • Non-profit and community leaders
  • Consumer advocates
  • Other interested stakeholders