California Water Summit

June 1 to 3, 2016 - Sacramento, California, USA

California Water Summit

Investing in Water & Related Infrastructure

Under the new Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Act of 2014, there is now $7.5 billion worth of funds available, signaling that investments in water and the long-term sustainable supply and delivery of that water are critical to California’s future. Planned infusions of funding via this statewide water bond will create a multitude of new project opportunities and redefine the way California state and local governments use and invest in solutions to address the state’s water crisis.

But with a shortfall in the total funding needed to fully meet California’s existing and estimated future water needs, public sector stakeholders will need to find alternative solutions to meet their water goals. Assessing current programs & initiatives, and new opportunities & projects, as well as meeting key players from across the water value chain is critical. Only stakeholders who are ahead of the curve who can maximize project fundability from successfully-funded water projects – public and private – will succeed going forward.

Energy Insight is proud to be an official media partner for this event.

At Infocast’s 3rd California Water Summit, key regulators, cities, municipalities, utilities, developers, investors, financiers, water technology companies, and other stakeholders in California water will meet – join them to assess California’s water needs, regulations, existing project funding and development opportunities essential to developing critically-needed water infrastructure in California. Don’t miss your chance to take part in California’s growing water revolution!

Who Attends the California Water Summit?

  • Government – Attend to network, collaborate on new opportunities created by new funds and regulation, and assess new water opportunities in the state
  • Public End Users (Cities/Municipalities/Utilities) – Attend to meet state & local government officials to understand the rules and regulations governing the assignment of funds for new water infrastructure projects, assess potential P3 opportunities, and to meet water experts who can help them meet their water needs.
  • Agricultural/Commercial End Users – Attend to meet state & local government officials to understand funding opportunities related to new water infrastructure, and the current landscape governing water use and reuse related to their industry areas.
  • EPCs/Developers/O&M – Attend to meet state & local government officials to understand the governing and assignment of funding for new water infrastructure projects and assess opportunities to develop, design, build, operate, and maintain.
  • Financial/Investment Community – Attend to meet state & local government officials and project developers to assess potential water infrastructure projects to finance and invest in.
  • Environmental/Consulting/Engineering – Attend to network, assess water management opportunities, and develop new business opportunities.
  • Equipment/Tech Providers – Attend to meet project developers and public end users and develop new business opportunities.

Attend the California Water Summit to:

  • Gain insights into best opportunities across a variety of water projects – storage, infrastructure, delivery, reuse – for funding and development
  • Identify the winning business models, projects & strategies to achieve success
  • Build relationships with players & funders across the water value chain