California Ocean Renewable Energy Conference

November 1 & 2, 2016 - Davis, California, USA

California Ocean Renewable Energy Conference

The California Ocean Renewable Energy Conference is a forum to share information about regulatory frameworks, resources, technologies, and environmental research relating to wind and wave energy offshore California. The goal of the conference is to inform and improve collaboration among stakeholders in wind and wave energy offshore California.


  • Explain regulatory roles and processes relating to wind and wave energy
  • Identify strategies for effective collaboration among regulatory agencies and stakeholders
  • Describe wind and wave energy resources and technologies
  • Highlight scientific research about potential environmental interactions relating to ocean renewable energy activities

Who Should Attend

Federal, state, and local representatives; marine resource managers; scientists; engineers; energy planners; educators; and the public

Agenda Highlights

  • Sunrise from the West: The Growth of Renewable Energy in California
  • Permitting and planning for offshore renewable energy
  • Offshore Renewable Energy & the California State Lands Commission
  • Role of local governments and offshore renewable energy opportunities
  • Offshore Wind Technology and Market Overview
  • Wind resources overview
  • Turbine Technology
  • Infrastructure, manufacturing and supply chain issues
  • Wave Technology Overview
  • Wave resources Overview
  • Wave Energy Testing
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Jobs and economic impacts from floating offshore wind in California
  • Overview of atmospheric effects from offshore wind energy activities
  • Wave energy absorption
  • EMF and environmental risk
  • Marine acoustic issues related to floating wind development
  • Benthic habitats
  • Habitat impacts
  • Offshore wind energy and marine birds
  • Seabird vulnerability index for the Pacific coast
  • High-definition digital aerial surveys of marine wildlife