California Distributed Energy Summit

September 19 to 21, 2016 - Santa Monica, California, USA

California Distributed Energy Summit

Seize Opportunities in California’s Emerging DER Market

Much of California’s future energy will come from distributed assets. Legislation and a number of regulatory proceedings at the California PUC promise to increase funding for distributed energy assets, opening new opportunities for third party providers and end-users to deploy DERs. Utilities are likewise investing hundreds of millions on new smartgrid technologies and control architectures to increase the flexibility and capability of their grids to handle the influx of these assets.

The California energy market is at the center of a maelstrom of change that will have profound impacts on strategic directions and opportunities for utilities, solar PV, energy storage, demand response, and customers on multiple fronts.

Attend Infocast’s California Distributed Energy Summit to meet the key players driving California’s distributed energy future, and learn about procurement and business opportunities opening up now!

Get the latest on:

  • Forging a new regulatory framework in California—DRP and Integration of Distributed Energy Resources proceedings
  • Seizing emerging DER opportunities in energy storage, the aggregated DER market and data analytics
  • Grid modernization needs for the distributed energy future
  • Customer engagement—understanding customer needs and their constraints
  • California utility distributed resource plans and procurements

Don’t miss the Pre-Summit briefing, Distributed Energy Economics & Finance. It will explore how the monetary value of distributed energy assets will be measured, what pricing models will be adopted and consider the implications for utility and third party provider business models.

Agenda Highlights

  • Building the Growth of DERs into Long-term Procurement Planning
  • Regulatory Issues in Integrating Distributed Resources in California
  • Rate Design – Impacts of NEM and Retail TOU on the Distributed Energy Market
  • Distributed Energy Development Opportunities in California
  • Grid Modernization for the Distributed Energy Future
  • Aggregating Distributed Assets to Provide Energy and Services
  • Vehicle-Grid Integration and Electric Transportation Infrastructure
  • Applying Data Analytics to DERs
  • Incorporating DERs in Grid Planning – Moving to Dynamic Distribution Modeling
  • What Customers Want – And Their Internal Constraints
  • Improving Customer Engagement
  • California Utility Distributed Resource Plans and Procurements
  • New Financial Structures for the DER Market
  • Determining Locational Values for DERs
  • Valuation of Energy Storage and Other Distributed Assets
  • Pricing Utility Services in California’s Distributed Energy Grid
  • Financing Distributed Energy Projects in California