Biomass Fuel From Distillery By-Products

wiskey mash in a distillery
Helius Energy will turn distillery by-products into biomass fuel
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Helius Energy, the biomass to power company, and Veolia Water Outsourcing have formed a strategic alliance to use Helius’ innovative GreenFields technology to turn distillery by-products into organic fertiliser, animal feed, and biomass fuel.

Traditionally, distillery by-products such as wet grain, draff, and pot ale have been dried for use as animal feed using an energy-intensive process. GreenFields membrane technology takes these by-products and produces a highly effective organic soil condition, animal feed, and biomass fuel for a renewable energy plant, whilst significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Under the terms of the alliance, Veolia Water will jointly fund existing and future GreenFields development costs and projects with Helius. Going forward, Helius will continue to develop the markets for GreenFields products, which include organic soil conditioner and animal feed, and Veolia Water will operate the relevant projects.

John Seed, Managing Director of Helius, said, “We are delighted to have formed a strategic alliance with Veolia Water. Its position as a market leader in industrial water processing will help GreenFields access a much wider range of projects and industries which could benefit from this low-carbon technology.”

David Wright, a Director of Veolia Water Outsourcing Ltd and Managing Director of Veolia Water Industrial Outsourcing Ltd said, “The team at Veolia Water is very excited to work with Helius Energy under this strategic alliance. We believe GreenFields will allow us to reduce water and carbon footprints for our clients as well as providing them with a long-term sustainable solution to environmental pressures that the industry faces.”

Wright continued, “As part of the world’s largest environmental management company Veolia Water aims to build mutually beneficial working relationships with our partners and clients that will meet their needs and help reduce the impact of industry on the environment.”

The Helius Group was established to develop, install and operate biomass fired renewable electricity generation plants. These will help meet the growing need for reliable power from renewable fuels that help to overcome the issues of climate change associated with fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Helius is engaged in developing both large (65 MWe to 100 MWe) and small (5 to 10 MWe) biomass electricity generation plants. The company has successfully developed a 65 MWe power plant at Stallingborough, South Humberside which was sold at pre-construction stage to RWE Innogy.

Veolia Water is the world’s leading operator of water services. As the water experts the company manages the whole water cycle and meet the challenges associated with providing and reusing water.

Veolia Water specialises in delivering high quality, integrated, and sustainable solutions, from drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, to bespoke design solutions for commerce and industry. By applying technological know how and worldwide expertise they help their clients maximise efficiencies while caring for the environment.

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