Biofuel's Role In Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Feeding an anticipated population of nine billion by 2050 would be a monumental feat. However, it is possible for the agricultural community to reach higher production yields should more sustainable business models be put in place. Implementing new practices such as genetic modification, land use optimization, efficient crop practices, and the collection of agricultural residues could maximize returns for the agricultural industry.

Closing The Food Vs. Fuel Divide

Given this need to dramatically increase levels of food production, the food vs. fuel debate is rife. With the European Commission reducing its food based biofuels from 10% to just 5% of its renewable energy target, it is clear that ramifications of this debate are being felt. However, we cannot forget that fuel is necessary in driving economies and feeding nations. The development of energy crops through sustainable processes closes the gap between the food vs. fuel divide.

However, policy inaction is affecting the longevity of sustainable agricultural programs. The expiration of the 2008 Farm Bill in the United States has left many ill equipped to support the sustainable agricultural movement. In order to drive sustainable agriculture forward, governments, financiers, farmers, and end users must find a common platform to communicate plans to implement more efficient systems for agriculture.

Embedded within three conference days at the 8th World Biofuels Markets event, the inaugural Sustainable Agriculture Conference covers the most poignant topics facing agricultural markets today. Join industry experts to witness 50 top tier speakers share their expertise on the market and confront the major challenges in the agricultural industry.

World Biofuels Markets, organized by Green Power Conferences, will be held on March 12th to 14th, 2013 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The dedicated Waste and Residue Feedstocks day will take place on March 14th.

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