Biofuel From Bamboo

Beema Bamboo
Beema Bamboo makes an efficient biomass feedstock.

Clenergen India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clenergen Corporation, has executed a binding Memorandum of Agreement with Growmore Bio-tech Limited for the supplies of micro propagated (tissue culture) and nursery hardened planting materials of a specially developed type of bamboo, termed Beema Bamboo, to meet the plantation requirements of Clenergen India to generate feedstock for its two upcoming biomass gasification power projects in India of 16MW/Hr in Tamilnadu and 64MW/Hr in Karnataka. Growmore’s biotechnology laboratory is capable of producing 100,000 micro propagated saplings per week from its existing inventory of Beema Bamboo mother stock.

Beema Bamboo is an exceptional variety of Bamboo developed by Growmore which provides high yields of biomass per acre of plantation from the second year and produces 10 or more new shoots every year which can be harvested and utilized as feedstock. Beema Bamboo has the most desired thermal characteristics for the purposes of gasification with a calorific value exceeding 17Mj/Kg.

The agreement also covers the proposed supplies of Beema Bamboo for the plantation requirements of Clenergen Corporation in Ghana where Clenergen proposes to set up plantations to deliver feedstock for its proposed power stations in this region. The Company is planning to install a 56MW power plant under a Public Private Partnership agreement with the Ghana Government and a 16MW per hour power plant for direct consumption by a major mining company.

Growmore will develop newer varieties of Beema Bamboo under a comprehensive research and development agreement with Clenergen to provide higher yields per acre of plantation and such varieties will remain exclusive to Clenergen worldwide.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr Arvind Pandalai, Non-Executive Chairman of Clenergen Corporation, said “This Agreement with Growmore provides Clenergen the production capabilities and biotechnology experience to begin execution of its biomass feedstock cultivation program and create significant cost efficiencies and additional profitability under the Power Purchase Agreement signed with the Power Trading Corporation of India Limited (PTC)”.

Clenergen Corporation offers strategic Clean Energy Generation projects to address the requirement for renewable and sustainable supplies of electricity. Clenergen has developed a unique modular system of co-gasification and localized plantation management using proprietary and mixed biomass feedstock to implement sustainable supplies of clean energy to regional, independent clients, and national grids. The “Distributed Environmental Power System” marries significant proprietary advancements in plant science with proven long standing engineering technologies to achieve this goal.

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