Bio-Based Live Americas

September 26 & 27, 2017 - San Diego, California, USA

Bio-Based Live Americas

Dedicated to the industry, Bio-Based Live Americas brings together leading experts from across the value chain to discuss the challenges we currently face and to share their latest ideas.

  • Bill Radany, Chief Executive Officer, Verdezyne
  • Todd Cline, Section Head – Research and Development, Procter & Gamble
  • Mark Brodziski, Deputy Administrator, Energy Programs, Rural Business-Cooperative Service, US Department of Agriculture
  • Jeff Martin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Yulex

Why Get Involved?

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in the bio-based field – share a stage with our leading innovative speakers ensuring you communicate your ideas to a senior-level audience.
  • Year-round promotional opportunities – we don’t just do events, we have integrated packages where you can get your message out through Bio-Based World News which promotes stories through our owned, partnered and social media.
  • More brands and retailers than any similar event! We VIP brands and retailers making sure you have plenty of opportunity to meet decision makers looking for greener solutions to their products.

Agenda Highlights

  • C-Suite Fireside Chats: The position of bio-based in the economy
  • Getting the most out of America‚Äôs bio-mass and carbon resources
  • Safeguarding feedstock resources for the success of bio-based industries
  • Innovative uses for bio-feedstocks to create new competitive products
  • Process innovation to reduce waste and get more from bio-mass
  • Raw materials for chemicals: ensuring sustainable supply and efficient use of resources
  • Championing sustainability internally
  • Getting ROI from sustainable products
  • Making a sustainable business model commercially successful
  • Incorporating sustainablity into the business model
  • Producing cost-advantaged building blocks and polymers for cheaper production
  • Introducing efficiencies and cost savings to compete on price and performance
  • Delivering quality, cost-competitive bio-based chemicals at scale
  • Specialty chemicals from the Elevance Olefin Metathesis Biorefinery
  • Encouraging better ways of working to develop new solutions
  • Finding the right bio-based and sustainable ingredients to meet consumer needs
  • Pushing the performance boundaries of paper products: taking paper to new application areas
  • Designing with sustainability in mind: the intersection of science, technology, and design
  • Launching a bio-based product line
  • Persuading customers to exchange traditional chemicals for more sustainable alternatives
  • Educating the consumer on the advantages of bio-based
  • Taking it to the next level: Demonstrating viability before scale-up