BC Joins the Wind Revolution

British Columbia, Canada
BC is only just beginning to benefit from it wind resources.
(cc) Alanna VanIsle

At the recent opening of the Bear Mountain Wind Park in British Columbia, Canada, Tzeporah Berman, Executive Director of PowerUP Canada, called for more aggressive laws and policies to build a clean economy and combat global warming: “From beetle infestations to the fires raging through our province, we can see the danger of a hotter planet in our daily lives. Frankly, it’s about time BC got some wind energy on line. Three-quarters of BC’s energy still comes from fossil fuels. If we’re going to get cars and factories onto a green grid, we need aggressive action by the Provincial and Federal Governments.”

PowerUP Canada, an association promoting clean and renewable energy in Canada, believes that British Columbia has important advantages which could make the province a model for the world. With the base load power from large hydro dams backing up a modern renewable grid, B.C. could build a model for a fossil fuel-free world. Doing so would take aggressive action by government, the private sector, and private citizens in the province to promote efficiency and clean energy, and to deploy technologies like electric vehicles.

Berman cited newly published research showing that Canada has much more wind potential than previously recognized: “Canada has the second largest wind potential in the world, but we have to keep pace with investments being made in the United States, Europe and China. Canadians deserve the jobs and economic potential here at home and global warming means we have no time to lose.”

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