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BC Hydro Selects Renewable Energy Projects Totally 2,400 Gigawatt Hours Annually

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BC Hydro has selected the first group of 19 projects to be awarded electricity purchase agreements under the Clean Power Call. Combined, the projects will generate more than 2,400 gigawatt hours of clean, reliable electricity annually — enough to supply close to 218,000 homes in British Columbia, Canada.

“These first project selections represent a significant step forward in meeting our provincial goal of becoming energy self-sufficient and building a clean energy powerhouse here in B.C.,” said Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

“Together, these clean energy projects represent 3,000 person years of employment during construction and $3 billion in capital investment in our province,” Lekstrom said. “This is the first step towards meeting our Throne Speech commitment to fair, predictable, clean power calls that will feature simplified procurement protocols and new measures to encourage investment in this province.”

“These projects were selected because they are among the most advanced clean energy proposals put forward,” said Bev Van Ruyven, acting President and Chief Executive Officer of BC Hydro. “We look forward to announcing more of these projects in the weeks ahead as we advance towards our target of acquiring up to 5,000 gigawatt hours a year of clean, reliable electricity generated here in British Columbia.”

Following execution of the contracts, BC Hydro will submit the electricity purchase agreements to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for its review. Further project details, including the range of electricity prices to be paid, will be available in BC Hydro’s filing to the commission.

A further 28 projects remain in the Clean Power Call and BC Hydro expects to select additional projects for the award of electricity purchase agreements in late March depending on the progress of discussions with proponents. In addition, BC Hydro will assess the adequacy of the proponents’ consultation with First Nations.

The first set of projects selected for the award of electricity purchase agreements under the Clean Power Call:

Proponent Project Technology Hours of Electricity Location
C-Free Power Corp. Run-of-River 41 GWh/year Gold Bridge
CP Renewable Energy (B.C.) Limited Partnership Wind 434 GWh/year Tumbler Ridge
Cloudworks Energy Inc. Run-of-river 110 GWh/year Harrison Hot Springs
Cloudworks Energy Inc. Run-of-river 44 GWh/year Mission
Cloudworks Energy Inc. Run-of-river 56 GWh/year Harrison Hot Springs
Creek Power Inc. Run-of-river 143 GWh/year Pemberton
Creek Power Inc. Run-of- river 48 GWh/year Pemberton
Creek Power Inc. Run-of-river 34 GWh/year Pemberton
Finavera Renewables Inc. Wind 142 GWh/year Tumbler Ridge
Finavera Renewables Inc. Wind 327 GWh/year Tumbler Ridge
Finavera Renewables Inc. Wind 140 GWh/year Tumbler Ridge
Finavera Renewables Inc. Wind 204 GWh/year Chetwynd
Kwagis Power Limited Partnership Run-of-river 183 GWh/year Port McNeill
Plutonic Power Corporation and GE Energy Financial Services Company Run-of-river 214 GWh/year Powell River
Selkirk Power Company Ltd. Run-of-river 86 GWh/year Golden
Stlixwim First Project Corp. and Stlixwim Partnership (NI Hydro Holding Corp.) Run-of-river (3 projects) 198 GWh/year Sechelt
Swift Power Corp. Run-of-river 46 GWh/year Terrace

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