8th Smart Grids & Cleanpower

June 19 to 20, 2017 - Cambridge, UK

8th Smart Grids & Cleanpower

The 8th Smart Grids and Cleanpower conference will be a top-level, exciting, thought-leading set of events at a top venue suitable for CEOs and executives. This set of innovation-meets-large-project events is designed for corporate smart grids and power executives and scale-up entrepreneurs, led by CIR and key sponsors. A must for those in technology business with R&D labs, launches, products or services, on a technology watching brief and learning, and anyone with an interest in this sector. The event is unique and valuable.

Reasons to attend:

  • The benefit for scale-ups is the presence of larger players looking to implement the technology of scale-ups.
  • The benefit for larger players is the presence of scale-ups with great solutions, products and services that can be accessed and demonstrated through partnership or investment.
  • There are hundreds of international smart grids projects; there are thousands of innovators to this market: we will bring some of these together.
  • These are highly diverse and evolving applications of the concept.
  • Smart Grids and power applications and change are happening.
  • Cambridge is an C4IR, Smart Grids Cleanpower hub, just 50 minutes from London.

Discussions will cover:

  • Global Technologies and Strategy for Smart Grids and Power Techs (A brief overview of where the different technologies stand and what the consensus is regarding their future potential; convergence and mega-trends and drivers)
  • Case Studies Devices and Software Analytics for Grids and Power Techs
  • Entrepreneurship for Grids and Power Techs
  • Leadership for Grids and Power Tech Enterprises
  • Global Technologies for Smart Grids and Power Techs: trends, drivers, investment, consensus, growth, barriers
  • Regulation
  • Energy Storage
  • Software for Grids (AI, ML, Big Data Analytics, M2M, etc)
  • Value Flow Networks
  • Innovation: monetising the market and growth

Who’ll be there? Innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, scale-ups, capital, DECC, Ofgem, National Grid, distributors, suppliers, networks partners, service providers; energy, cloud, software, industrial internet players, big data and data analytics, AI ML VR companies, and engineering firms.