7th International EnviroCities Conference and Exhibition

November 7 & 8, 2017 - Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

7th International EnviroCities Conference and Exhibition

7th International EnviroCities Conference and Exhibition aims at providing city officials with an exclusive opportunity for meeting, exchanging team expertise and participating in an open discussion to share ideas resulting from innovations in sustainability. The event will gather all major stakeholders to benchmark techniques, solutions and best sustainable environmental practices on a local, regional and global scale.

EnviroCities offers the opportunity for key stakeholders to meet and engage in open dialogue to ensure the sustainable development of Arab towns.

The exhibition will gather the biggest names in the environmental, energy and urban design sectors. Featuring specialists from the complete industry supply chain.

  • Renewables and the Saudi Vision 2030 – more than just a different source of energy
  • The economic, social and environmental importance of renewable energy
  • Renewable energy – advanced technologies and solutions
  • Energy Efficiency: Innovative Public/Private Partnerships
  • How to design healthy, comfortable and energy efficient buildings
  • Changing attitudes towards energy efficiency
  • Waste to Chemicals (A trademark of Circular Economy)
  • Reduction, recycling, and reuse of oil fly ash
  • Ambient air quality management in industrial areas
  • Specific issues relating to the financing of environment projects
  • Project finance for SMEs in the environmental sector
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and strategies to mitigate finance and monitor risks
  • Open discussion and questions and answers
  • Dubai Sustainable City: A future ready urban design
  • Healthy, livable and vibrant industrial cities
  • Sustainable urban designs for industrial cities
  • Responsive cities: How digital lighting is shaping tomorrow’s sustainable cities
  • Rehabilitation, reuse or optimization of existing infrastructure
  • Priorities for future sustainable and resilient cities in the Middle East

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