2nd NY Energy REVolution Summit

July 26 to 28, 2016 - New York, New York, USA

2nd NY Energy REVolution Summit

On April 24, 2014 Governor Cuomo announced plans for a fundamental transformation in the way that electricity is distributed and used in New York State. To meet this challenge, the Public Service Commission commenced its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative to reform New York State’s energy industry and regulatory practices.

The Public Service Commission has approved demonstration projects by New York’s six investor-owned utilities that would test the waters for a more consumer-driven power market. Under New York’s ambitious REV plan, the utilities will transform into hybrid roles as distribution grid operators that use their networks to deliver power from customers’ solar units, storage batteries and microgrids.

This brings about many new questions. How many customers would pay extra for home batteries to store electricity? Will they be happy to pay more to finance storm resistant microgrids?

The REV initiative is a grand scheme and one that will need to be taken in baby steps. In 2016, the utilities are required to file initial five-year plans to begin delivering distributed energy resources from third-party providers. Attend Infocast’s 2nd NY Energy REVolution Summit to hear the role of utilities as “distributed system platforms” (DSP) and their role going forward. It will explore the promise vs. the practical development reality of microgrids and the emerging opportunities for third parties to provide grid services. The roster of distinguished speakers will also confront the prominent elements, trajectories and consequences of many important regulatory, market and technology forces. Finally, the 2nd NY Energy REVolution Summit will evaluate the various state efforts to finance and encourage clean energy markets sufficient to ensure a robust, sustainable power delivery system.

  • Get the latest developments, regulations and policies in New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
  • Hear how the Clean Energy Fund can create customer savings and stimulate demand for private investments
  • Receive updates on the June DSIP filings and how utilities are preparing for the September deadline
  • Learn how utilities are working with businesses and communities to provide clean, local power

PLUS, don’t miss the Pre-Summit, NY Prize Community Energy & Microgrids Workshop, which will highlight the technological, operational, and business models needed to help communities reduce costs, develop clean energy, and increase grid reliability and resiliency.

NY Prize Community Energy & Microgrids Workshop (Tuesday, July 26, 2016): NY Prize is helping communities reduce costs, develop local clean energy, and increase the reliability and resiliency of the grid. NY Prize and NY Rev are part of New York State’s endeavor to spur innovation and community partnerships with utilities, local governments, and private sector to modernize the electric grid. Infocast’s NY Prize Community Energy & Microgrids Workshop will layout the technological, operational, and business models needed to help New York communities reduce costs, develop clean energy, and increase grid reliability and resiliency.

Agenda Highlights

  • Next Stages for NY Prize
  • Lessons Learned from Stage 1 Winners
  • Developers on the Business Case for Community Energy & Microgrids
  • Business Models for Funding Community Microgrids
  • Potential Ownership & Maintenance Challenges for Microgrids
  • Interconnection, Interoperability & Resource Planning Challenges
  • Utilities Perspectives on Integrating Community Microgrids
  • Status of the New York REV
  • Evolution of State Support: The Clean Energy Fund
  • Role of Utilities in REV
  • Determining What Leading Grid Practices Need To Be Applied To Achieve The NY REV
  • Examining the Potential Benefits of Retail Competition
  • Interface Between Retail and Wholesale Markets
  • How Can We Make Money in NY REV?
  • Role of Energy Storage in the NY Market
  • Team Building in Microgrids
  • Can New York’s REV be Replicated?